The Z.rex's are revived and artificially hyper-evolved T.rex's that were created after the events in Edinburgh, regarding Zed and Y.

These Z.rex's had the following abilities:

  • muscular forearms with hands like a humans (four fingers and an opposable thumb).
  • Camouflage skin - similar to a chameleon but much more sensitive.
  • Hidden wings in its back that allow him to fly over huge distances.
  • Pockets inside its mouth, used for storing items such as bombs, etc.
  • Enhanced senses.
  • Enhanced durability.
  • Nanites within his body that accelerate the healing of injuries.

These monsters were bigger then Zed - been referred to by Adam as "Godzilla's grown-up cousins" - but weren't as agile as him. This was shown as both Zed and the Z.dactyl Keera were able to hold their own against the monsters. However, Geneflow was show to have perfected its control over them and they were more resilient to the electroshock guns used to bring down the monsters.

The Z.rex's were used by Geneflow as they prepared to unleash their grand plan.


(To be added)


  • The Hunting Trilogy: Z.Apocalypse - Book

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