Yao Guai
Binomen Unknown
Average height 6-7 ft. (estimate)
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Very High
Habitat Post-Apocalyptic Washington D.C.
Diet Carnivore
Lifespan Unknown
Subspecies None
Status Least Concern
Behind the Scenes

Yao Guai are a species of mutant black bears.


Due to large amounts of radiation following a global nuclear war, the black bears inhabiting the areas surrounding Washington D.C. mutated into a seperate species. These Yao Guai are extremely dangerous predators that either hunt alone or in pairs. Their preferred method of attack is to charge and pounce, using their large claws to maul prey. Despite their ferocity, some people have managed to tame Yao Guai. Tamed Yao Guai will follow and protect their human masters no matter what, though they are much smaller. They have been known to fight Deathclaws.

Behind the scenes

  • In Chinese mythology, Yao Guai are malicious animal spirits.