Others Fuuren
Original フーレン
Romanization Fūren
Body type Humanoid
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Habitat Worent
Locomotion Bipedal
Status Endangered
Behind the Scenes
Universe Breath of Fire
Created by 藤原 得郎 - Fujiwara Tokurō
Designed by 吉川達哉 - Yoshikawa Tatsuya

The woren tribe is a race of feline humanoids from Breath of Fire.

This race first appeared in Breath of Fire II with the introduction of the character Katt. They are powerful fighters, and the fastest of all playable races (however, Cray tends to be a bit slow, due to the massive club he carries around). They appear throughout the series, with the exception of the first game, and characters Katt, Tiga, Rei, Cray, and Lin are all woren. They vary slightly in appearance from game to game, but are always recognizable as a cat-like race. Only in Breath of Fire IV, actual background information about the clan is addressed, their tribal lifestyle is revealed. They seem to be very rare, and possibly near extinct. Fast and powerful, low defense (except for Cray) and resistance to magic seem to be their typical build, and some of the race posses the ability of shape-shifting into a stronger form (weretiger in Rei's case).


Katt, a female Woren.

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