Winged Beast
Binomen N/A
Average height 3-4 ft. long (estimate)
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity High
Habitat Urban ruins
Diet N/A
Lifespan DD
Subspecies N/A
Status Extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe 9

The Winged Beast is a mechanical, menacing, pterosaur-like machine created by the Fabrication Machine.


The Winged Beast is a robotic creation of the Fabrication Machine that resembles a pterodacytl, a flying prehistoric reptile. It has four beady red eyes. The wings are made out of the national government flag. It has a harpoon tail and a mouth made of various sharp metal objects, such as scalpels, knifes and dental tools. It also has a fan attached onto its bottom to help it fly. Part of the Winged Beast's body is an actual human ribcage to protect it's engines. It can screech loudly, similar to that of an eagle, presumbly via the use of a voice box, and it is capable of tracking its stitchpunk prey from great distances.