Walltula SS
Others Stalwall (Japan)
Skullwandula (German)
Muracnula (French)
Skullwallder (Chinese)
Binomen Unknown, though likely belong to Infraorder Araneomorphae
Original スタルウォール
Romanization Sutaruwōru
Body type Spider
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Very high
Place of origin Hyrule
Habitat Jeweled: Forest Temple
City in the Sky
Faron: Skyview Temple
Ancient Cistern
Diet Liquivore
Locomotion Movement using eight legs
Subspecies Jeweled Walltula, Faron Walltula
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Legend of Zelda

Walltulas (スタルウォール Sutaruwōru, Stalwall) are a genus of Skulltulas found in some of the installments of The Legend of Zelda series. Like their larger cousins, the Skulltulas, Walltulas are sizable spiders, though they do not come close to the size of a human being. Walltulas have foregone production of webbing of any sort and instead resort to using vines as makeshift webs, although they have also been spotted on trees and walls. Small numbers of Walltulas will often inhabit the same vined sections, but typically will spread out.

Despite possessing a similar name, Walltulas and Skullwalltulas are so different it can be assumed that they represent different evolutionary genera fulfilling similar niches. The difference is obvious to those keeping a look out—Walltulas simply have abdomens with designs superficially resembling a face or a skull; Skullwalltulas on the other hand have developed an armored carapace which makes them appear skull-like.

While they are able to hold up their own weight on a wall, a sudden shock such as a localized tremor caused by an object such as the Megaton Hammer will knock them all off of their perches to plummet to their death, perhaps due to a weak abdomen. This weakness can be exploited by any traveler wielding almost any type of ranged weaponry.

Twilight PrincessEdit

This jeweled variety of Walltula is known to exist in the Ordon province as well as both the Forest Temple and the City in the Sky.

Skyward SwordEdit

This variety of Walltula is known to exist within the Skyview Temple and the Ancient Cistern, both of which can be found within the Faron Woods, indicating a small range.

Related SpeciesEdit

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