The Vels were a group of revived and hyper-evolved velociraptors created using incredibly advanced human technology. In this hyper-evolved state, they are referred to as a 'Z-Raptors' - the 'Z' meaning Zenith. The Vel known as Loner was a part of this species, while both the Vels and Brutes were led by a Queen Z.Raptor.

The Z-Raptors are all very fast and agile and perfectly capable of carrying two humans on their back. Thanks to their hyper-evolution, the raptors have enhanced senses, enhanced intelligence, enhanced durability, the ability to heal quickly from injuries thanks to having nanites in his bloodstream, are able to use human technology and are able to talk. Their bodies are also adapted so that they can drink seawater without any negative side-effect.

The Z.Raptors appear on a pacific island, where the terrorist organization known as 'Geneflow Solutions' is performing some sinister experiments.


(To be added)


  • The Hunting Trilogy: Z.Raptor - Book
  • The Hunting Trilogy: Z.Apocalypse - Book

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