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Others Nosferatu
Binomen Homo chiroptera

Homo nosferatus
Homo nus nocturnes

Average height Varies by subspecies and age.
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity High to Extreme (exceptions exist)
Habitat Anywhere
Diet Hematophage (blood)
Lifespan Immortal
Subspecies Ghoul (Hellsing), Damphir
Related species Shiki
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe European folklore
Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.
Count Dracula, Dracula

A Vampire is an undead monster who subsists by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of humans, or, sometimes, any living creatures. There are, however, exceptions for this definition.

Vampirism refers to the condition of being a vampire. It is described by many as a disease.


Although vampiric entities have been recorded in many cultures, and may go back to "prehistoric times", the term vampire was not popularized until the early 18th century, after an influx of vampire superstition into Western Europe from areas where vampire legends were frequent, such as the Balkans and Eastern Europe, although local variants were also known by different names, such as vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania. This increased level of vampire superstition in Europe led to mass hysteria and in some cases resulted in corpses actually being staked and people being accused of vampirism.

While even folkloric vampires of the Balkans and Eastern Europe had a wide range of appearance ranging from nearly human to bloated rotting corpses, it was interpretation of the vampire by the Christian Church and the success of vampire literature, namely John Polidori's 1819 novella The Vampyre that established the archetype of charismatic and sophisticated vampire; it is arguably the most influential vampire work of the early 19th century, inspiring such works as Varney the Vampire and eventually Dracula. The Vampyre was itself based on Lord Byron's unfinished story "Fragment of a Novel", also known as "The Burial: A Fragment", published in 1819.

However, it is Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula that is remembered as the quintessential vampire novel and which provided the basis of modern vampire fiction. Dracula drew on earlier mythologies of werewolves and similar legendary demons and "was to voice the anxieties of an age", and the "fears of late Victorian patriarchy". The success of this book spawned a distinctive vampire genre, still popular in the 21st century, with books, films, video games, and television shows. The vampire is such a dominant figure in the horror genre that literary historian Susan Sellers places the current vampire myth in the "comparative safety of nightmare fantasy".



The face of fear and horror, Alucard from the anime/manga series Hellsing really embraces the image of the vampire as an unholy monster.

The Oxford English Dictionary dates the first appearance of the word vampire in English from 1734, in a travelogue titled Travels of Three English Gentlemen published in the Harleian Miscellany in 1745. Vampires had already been discussed in French and German literature. After Austria gained control of northern Serbia and Oltenia with the Treaty of Passarowitz in 1718, officials noted the local practice of exhuming bodies and "killing vampires". These reports, prepared between 1725 and 1732, received widespread publicity.

The English term was derived (possibly via French vampyre) from the German Vampir, in turn derived in the early 18th century from the Serbian вампир/vampir, when Arnold Paole, a purported vampire in Serbia was described during the time Serbia was incorporated into the Austrian Empire.

The Serbian form has parallels in virtually all Slavic languages: Bulgarian and Macedonian вампир (vampir), Croatian vampir, Czech and Slovak upír, Polish wąpierz, and (perhaps East Slavic-influenced) upiór, Ukrainian упир (upyr), Russian упырь (upyr'), Belarusian упыр (upyr), from Old East Slavic упирь (upir'). (Note that many of these languages have also borrowed forms such as "vampir/wampir" subsequently from the West; these are distinct from the original local words for the creature.) The exact etymology is unclear. Among the proposed proto-Slavic forms are *ǫpyrь and *ǫpirь. Another, less widespread theory, is that the Slavic languages have borrowed the word from a Turkic term for "witch" (e.g., Tatar ubyr).

Czech linguist Václav Machek proposes Slovak verb "vrepiť sa" (stick to, thrust into), or its hypothetical anagram "vperiť sa" (in Czech, archaic verb "vpeřit" means "to thrust violently") as an etymological background, and thus translates "upír" as "someone who thrusts, bites".

An early use of the Old Russian word is in the anti-pagan treatise "Word of Saint Grigoriy", dated variously to the 11th–13th centuries, where pagan worship of upyri is reported.


There are quite a few ways of turning ordinary humans into vampires, showed in several legends and works of fiction, listed below:

The blood exchange refers to a mutual exchange of blood between the vampire and the human, creating a bond between the two. The human then turns into a vampire servant for his or her turner.

The vampire bite refers to the main way of feeding and turning of most vampires. When the vampire bites a human, the human is turned into a vampire servant of the turner, who is then known as a "vampire master". In Hellsing, when a vampire bites a virgin human of the opposite gender, they are turned into vampires, while "deflowered" humans (and those of the same gender as the vampire) are turned into mindless ghouls (although artificial vampires turn anyone they bite into ghouls). In Vampire Knight, "Level D" vampires can escape the fate of becoming "Level E"s by drinking their master's blood.

In Hellsing, artificial vampires can be created though an unknown surgical method (manga and OVA), as well as the usage of FREAK chips (anime only).


Vincent's Coffin

Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII is a human with several vampire characteristics.

The image of the classical vampire is usually that of a nobleman or traveler, who wears old-school clothes (showing how old they are) and tries to avoid human contact, although more contemporary depictions show them wearing normal clothes and trying to fit in the human society. Sleeping in coffins (sometimes for long periods of times) is also a common behavior among vampires, although some (like those of the Twilight Series) do not sleep.

Elongated fangs and red or yellow iris (even if only at times) are among the most obvious indication, as is the thirst for human blood (particularly virgins').

Vampire dentition varies depending on where you get the information from. For example, the vampires from 30 Days of Night have mouths full of shark-like teeth while other sources show vampires with fangs growing either from the four upper incisors or the upper canines.

When vampires die, they usually turn to ashes, wither away instantly or decompose slower than humans. In Daybreak, vampires explode upon death.

Powers & Abilities

The powers of vampires generally include immortality, high regeneration & healing factor, resistance to pain, superhuman senses, superhuman speed, superhuman strength, charming hypnosis, mind & memory manipulation and others. In the Twilight series, "newborn vampires" (a term for vampires that have been transformed for less than one year) are several times stronger and thirstier than older ones.

While lacking the higher-level powers of the "master", turned vampires still possess superhuman strength and a psychic connection with their master. Upon the full consumption of a human's blood, the restrictions imposed upon the fledgling vanish and stronger abilities are unlocked, completing the transition to "true undead" status.

In Hellsing, vampires can absorb the memories and abilities of their victims by completely drinking their blood. This process turns the victim into a familiar, that may speak directly to its master's mind and even be summoned to fight by their side. Alucard for example, possesses countless familiars. The number of familiars also seems to have a role on "how" immortal a vampire can be.

Still in Hellsing, "A-Class" vampires can transform their bodies at will and even dissolve into bats for locomotion.

Some vampires (such as Alucard from Hellsing) are intangible, being able to pass through walls and other objects. According to some sources (mainly Interview With the Vampire) vampires can also fly.

Many vampires possess unique abilities, such as foresight, telepathy, telekinesis, elemental manipulation, illusion generation and others.



A vampire being staked in Pinocchio, Vampire Slayer.

A stake to the heart is a known way of killing most vampires, as well as decapitation and fire. Holy symbols, materials and relics are often treated as highly dangerous. Silver, particularly, is lethal to most of them. Blessed silver is even worse and may inflict extensive damage depending upon the blessings of the material. Stabbing the hearth is one known way of killing vampires. Garlic, is generally able to repel vampires, as well as holy water. Vampires also have an inability to cross large bodies of water without means of external locomotion. In The Vampire Diaries, wood (whether in form of a bullet or a stake) can paralyze a vampire. Drowning is also a classical, yet rare way to kill vampires.

Exposure to sunlight can generally either kill vampires (by turning them to ashes) or harm them (by burning them). Some sources say that the older the vampire, more resistant to sunlight it will be, while other say the exact opposite, that the older they get, the easier it is for them to die upon seeing the sun. In some works, vampires are either not affected by sunlight or simply have their abilities limited. In the Twilight Series, vampires simply shine when exposed to the sun, and in The Vampire Diaries, there are witchcraft-imbued items that can protect vampires from the sun. In Blade, the dhampir Eric Brooks uses strong lights to mimic the sun and destroy vampires.

Classically, vampires may only drink the blood of the living, and if they drink that of a dead human, it will act as a dangerous poison. This concept, however, has been dropped on most of the recent vampire works, with the remarkable exception of Interview With the Vampire and a few others. In the movie Daybreakers, vampires are poisoned if they drink their own blood, but have no problem consuming that of dead people, as long as its well conserved. According to some sources, such as Twilight, vampires can survive on non-human blood, but may have their abilities limited. In Interview With the Vampire, Lestat de Lioncourt's appearance is heavily changed when he starts drinking the blood of reptiles.

If a vampire fails to drink blood, their body will weaken until they either start an hibernation (until they drink again) or (in some sources, such as Interview With the Vampire) die of starvation. In Vampire Knight, there are food pills that eliminate the need of blood on the diet of vampires, although some "Level D"s are allergic to them. In Hellsing, vampires that don't drink blood need to sleep on a coffin containing their homeland's soil.

In the Twilight series, there are few ways of killing vampires, but they will die if dismembered and have its remains burned before it can reconstruct itself.

Classically, vampires cannot enter a house or location without a formal invitation.

In The Vampire Diaries, vampires that are bitten by werewolves die of infection, as there's no known cure for their poison. In the same series, vervain is a powerful protective charm against vampire hypnosis, and its ingestion may knock the undeads unconscious for extended periods. Yet in the same series, the "original vampires" can only be killed by using a stake of a certain "white oak tree", that was used in the spell that rendered them immortal. They could also be bound using special daggers made by witches with the ashes of said tree. In addition, any vampire descendants an original may have will slowly perish.

List of Vampires and Damphir

Main article: Vampirism/List

Aaron Thorne
Blade: The Vampire Hunter
Aaron Thorne
A rich and bored business man, he was chosen by Varnae to become a vampire and lead the Bad Seed clan. During his time as the clan leader, he produced the Aceldama drug and started the Necrotech Program. Aaron Thorne's business operation mainly took place in New York City where he held his position as a prominent business man. His main enforcer was Angel, who warned Thorne about the possible return of Dracula. With the potential threat in mind, he decided to accelerate the plan to start production of the drugs.
Powers & Abilities Like all vampires, Aaron Thorne is superhumanly strong and possesses about 10 times the strength he possessed as a human, allowing him to lift about 1 ton, he can also, his movements, agility, balance, and bodily coordination are beyond the physical limits of human beings. His musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than that of a normal human, meaning he can physically exert himself at peak capacity for a period of several hours before the build up of fatigue begins to impair him. His senses and healing factor are also enhanced and he is immortal.

Aaron possesses a limited shapeshifting ability (he can transform into a bat, a wolf, or as a gaseous mist, much like Castlevania's Alucard or Legacy of Kain's Kain), he also possesses the ability to greatly manipulate the weather over a limited area, such as creating immensely powerful thunderstorms, even though manipulating the weather in such a way leaves him physically and mentally drained for an extended period of time. He also has the ability to hypnotize most beings just by making eye contact with them for a few seconds.

Let Me In
As a Vampire, she needs blood to survive and has her 'father' kill for her. She is easily enraged and, being a new vampire, has a hard time controlling her thirst for blood. When Abby arrives at Owen's home, she tells him he has to invite her in, when he asks why, she enters anyway, starting to tremble and bleed from head to toe. Shocked, he quickly tells her she can come in, and she stops bleeding.
Powers & Abilities Like most vampires, she has superhuman strength, reflexes and senses and a high healing factor. She can also transform into a flying creature and is presumed to be immortal.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Adam (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter)
A 5000-year-old vampire, born around 3000 B.C. He was the leader of the vampires, and survived for centuries, leading them through many different ages. He was killed by Abraham Lincoln after the later tricked him into believing that a train carrying silver was making its way to Gettysburg to help the Union defeat the Confederate vampires. After confronting Abraham, Adam was killed by a punch to the chest after Lincoln wrapped his silver pocket-watch around his fist.
Powers & Abilities He likely possesses all the strengths and weaknesses of his kind.
Adam Heller
Blood + Water
Adam Heller
The star of the 2003 Vertigo mini-series, Blood + Water (a.k.a. Blood and Water), by Judd Winick and Tomm Coker. At the beginning of the series its revealed that Adam has Hepatitis A and, as he finds out, a hepatoma on his liver that will kill him in little time.

It's at this point that his best friend of the past five years, Josh, and his girlfriend Nicky, reveal that they are vampires and want to turn Adam into a vampire too, so he can wouldn't die. Adam agrees, and for awhile, there is a lot of good humor to be found in his reactions to his new form and powers. However, as it turns out, Adam was no regular human, but actually a sort of special vampire, and as a result of his "awakening," a long dormant evil vampire is back and ready to kill a lot of people to get Adam.

Powers & Abilities He likely possesses all the strengths and weaknesses of his kind.
Adam Jacobs
Being Human
An eternally teenage vampire, born in 1964 and 'turned' in 1980. When he was 16, he fought an unknown vampire that ended turning him, his parents kept him fed for years until his mother died and his father ended up in hospital. He stays with George and Nina, eventually being taken in by a vampire couple with a swinger lifestyle which he finds appalling, deciding to go back with the two. Mitchell gives him some money to start over somewhere, Adam concluding that he had to move on and find his own life in order to stop himself being a burden on George and Nina like he was to his parents.

He eventually finds himself back in school where he befriends a werewolf named Christa and a ghost named Matt. During this time, Adam worked with Matt and Christa to investigate Matt's murder -despite the current tension developing between them due to Matt's feelings for Christa and Christa and Adam developing some degree of feelings for each other, also contacting George for advice on how to handle Christa's condition. The murderer was subsequently revealed to be Matt's old teacher, Mr. Rowe, who had become enraged at the irreverent way he was treated by his students, Adam almost attacking him before Christa calmed him down. Rowe was subsequently thrown through Matt's "crossover door" when he tried to attack Adam and Christa to protect his secret.

Adam returns to Honolulu Heights in Series 4. He is on the run from the press, who have found out that he is in a relationship with Yvonne, the Headmistress of a girls' school. Once at the house he explains to her that he is a vampire, but at that point Hal discovers that Yvonne is a succubus - a creature who subconciously causes men to fall in love with her whenever they touch her. Adam is taken out of the house by Annie, and he is horrified at what he has done. However, he eventually realises that he does love Yvonne, and returns to the house to fall under her spell once more. The two of them leave the next day, to continue their lives together.

Powers & Abilities He likely possesses all the strengths and weaknesses of his kind.
Aidan Waite
Being Human
Born Ian Daniel McCollin, he is a 258 year old vampire turned by James Bishop in 1779 during the American Revolution, in which they were both soldiers. Aidan is seen as an abnormality in the vampire community since he has been attempting for the last several years to be a "clean" vampire and live by consuming blood bags instead of feeding from the living. While many vampires look down on him because of this, many fear him due to his horrifying past reputation. In his human life, Aidan was a husband and a father (though his family has been discussed very little) in the 18th century Boston area with the hope of one day taking over his father's printing press business. For undisclosed reasons he took part in the American Revolutionary War as a highly praised soldier, and it was during a battle that he stumbled upon an inhuman man named James Bishop and was turned into a vampire. Aidan mentions to Josh that he attempted to explain to his family what happened to him, but things didn't go as he had hoped. He refuses to say what happened to them, but it is implied he unwillingly killed them when they grew to trust him too much to take proper caution.

Aidan lives the next 150 years in the Boston region, serving Bishop and the other leader vampires of the Family. Not much is known about his life during this time except that he acquired a reputation of ferocity and inhumanity commiting numerous killings. He was the most feared vampire of the Boston area, and he mentions that he also fought in the American Civil War for the Union where he had plenty of chances to feed, including the Battle of Antietam, otherwise known as bloodiest single-day battle in all of American History with about 23.000 casualties. It was here where Aidan and Bishop fed like fiends, with Aidan getting so blood-drunk he started having visions of his deceased wife.

He also fought in World War I where after taking bullets to the abdomen, he took pity on Henry Durham, the kindly medic who treated him, and turned him when he was accidentally stabbed by another patient who caught Aidan licking blood from a soiled cloth. But Aidan lost control of Henry in 1930 when he had a fling with and betrayed the vampire princess Suren and banished him from Boston. Aidan was there when Bishop was announced the leader of the Boston vampires and decided to set out on his own afterwards. He moved to Montreal for a while but eventually returned to Boston. On his return he decided to change his ways and started drinking blood bags instead of killing people, he then met Josh being tormented by Marcus and another vampire, and took pity on him.

Powers & Abilities He likely possesses all the strengths and weaknesses of his kind.
The Vampire Chronicles
The very first vampire to ever be created. She was originally from Uruk (modern-day Iraq), and rose to become a queen in Kemet (the land that would eventually become Egypt) she and her husband King Enkil wanted their people to turn away from their cannibalistic ways and encourage the eating of grains. Rice describes Akasha as a lovely young woman who was "almost too pretty to be truly beautiful, for her prettiness overcame any sense of majesty or deep mystery." She is a fundamentally dark, empty, nihilistic person with no sense of morality, ethics, or human compassion, and her actions are almost always based on her insatiable need to fill her own inner emptiness.

Akasha eventually became fascinated by the spirits of the supernatural, forcibly bringing the red-haired witch sisters Maharet and Mekare to her court to commune with these spirits. Against their advice, Akasha forces the witch sisters to seek answers from the spirits to countless shallow questions she asks, but the ensuing answers, some in the form of obscene gestures, ultimately enrage the Queen by confirming her inner emptiness -- "She had asked questions of the supernatural, a very foolish thing to do, and she had received answers which she could neither accept nor refute." One spirit in particular, a bloodthirsty, aggressive entity called Amel, threatens Akasha and ultimately stages a weak but demonstrative attack against her. Akasha, in turn, has Mekare and Maharet publicly raped by her servant Khayman for their "witchcraft", and banishes them from Kemet.

One year later, the twin witches are recalled to the kingdom by Khayman, where they learn that Amel had kept his presence in the kingdom and that, when the King and Queen were coincidentally assassinated by supporters of cannibalism one night, the spirit of Amel joined with Akasha's soul as it rose from her body, re-entering her body through her wounds and fusing with her heart and brain to create an entirely new being: the vampire. Amel's deadly lust for human blood thus passed to Akasha.

Powers & Abilities Her strength and speed are superior to that of an average vampire, she is also immortal and possesses psychic abilities, such as mind manipulation, telekinesis etc. She can also kill any vampire at will by making them catch on fire.
Akatsuki Kain
Vampire Knight
Akatsuki Kain
A calm "Level B" vampire who rarely loses his cool, he is incredibly perceptive and frequently sensitive to others' feelings. Akatsuki grew up within a noble family, the Kain clan, which was pro-monarchy. His family is part of what is referred to by Asato Ichijo as the “Aido faction”, presumably comprised of the Aido, Souen, Kain, Toya, and other related clans. He is very close to his cousins, Hanabusa Aido and Ruka Souen, having been with them since early childhood, and has met Kaname once when they were children, but did not meet again until years later. His original intent in attending Cross Academy was to take care of Hanabusa and Ruka.
Powers & Abilities Like all aristocrat vampires, Akatsuki has accelerated healing, ages slowly and possesses superhuman reflexes, senses and strength. His unique ability is to conjure and control fire.
A member of the Volturi guard, serving as one of the highest ranked guards. Alec was born in England around 800 A.D, the son of an Anglo-Saxon woman and a Frankish soldier. He was born a few minutes after his fraternal twin sister, Jane. Both Alec and Jane had strong psychic abilities that were evident even in their human state. Aro had shown interest in Alec and his sister since they were toddlers, but decided to wait until they were old enough to turn them (the Volturi had already instated its rules about immortal children) and so left them in the care of their parents. Their talents had not taken a focused shape at that point, but bad things happened to people who were unkind to the twins or their family, and good luck followed those who were friendly to them. Eventually, the superstitious locals found the twins too frightening to endure. They were accused as witches and condemned to be burned at the stake.

Aro was apprised of the situation by a nomad who knew of Aro's interest in the twins. Aro hurried to the village, arriving just in time to interrupt the execution. Transformed at the age of about 12 or 13, they are the smallest and youngest in appearance as well as the most prized members of the guard due to their incredibly powerful gifts. It is said that they are the cornerstone of the Volturi's offensive abilities. About one decade after they joined the coven, Alec and his sister displayed their powers for the first time in battle and annihilated the Romanian Coven's army of over one hundred vampires.

Powers & Abilities He possesses the same superhuman strength, senses and reflexes of any other vampire, and his unique ability is the "sense deprivation", the power to cut off others' senses: sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing. It is known as one of the most powerful gifts in vampire history.
Van Hellsing
One of Dracula's brides, she attacked the village near their castle so she they could feed on the villagers. She tried to feed on her living sister, Anna Valerious, but was surprised by the presence of Van Hellsing, who killed Marishka, forcing her and Verona to retreat. She is later killed by Anna, exploding shortly after being staked.
Powers & Abilities She is stronger and faster than a regular human being, can stand in any surface without caring about gravity, and can assume a bat-like form at will. In that form, she has wings, the ability to fly and her senses, reflexes and strength much enhanced.
A 700+ years old vampire, he grew up in England during the turbulent reign of Edward II, he lived quietly at the family's country estate with his mother and sisters and was considered the best hunter in the county. Also an avid falconer, keeping many birds and training them being his favorite pursuit. One night, Alistair's father brought him into the secret tunnels of London, where many minor aristocrats were gathered. His father had planned to set him on the throne of England and swore Alistair would be the next Charlemagne, but shortly after explaining this plan, a man called Astaroth, whose true name was George, arrived, and he was a vampire who had agreed to change Alistair into a vampire under his father's wishes.
Powers & Abilities Other than the average abilities of a vampire, he possesses the most best tracking sense of his kind, being able to track both living beings and inanimate objects. However, his power is less efficient as it takes time for him to determine his target's location and he may never be able to catch up if the target is on the move.
Born as Vlad III, son of Vlad II Dracul, he was the prince of Wallachia. When he was still a child, Alucard was enslaved by Ottoman conquerors and molested by a high ruler, during the whole ordeal, he defiantly clenched a silver cross. When he became the Voivode of Wallachia, he launched an all-out war on the Turks that devastated both sides. After his defeat, Vlad himself was to be executed, but before he was beheaded, he drank of the blood from the battlefield and became a vampire. When he accepted the powers of darkness. Centuries later, in 1897, Abraham Van Helsing and his allies were able to defeat the count and kill his servants. Abraham then bound the vampire lord to the Hellsing family through mysterious ways.

Many years later, as Arthur Hellsing's servant, the count acquired the form of a teenage girl, and was given a new name, Alucard. In 1944, along with a 14 years old Walter C. Dornez, she is sent on a mission to stop Millennium's vampire production program. Decades later, in 1969, Alucard was imprisoned in a dungeon in the Hellsing family's manor by Arthur. Shortly after Arthur Hellsing's death in 1989, Alucard was awakened by Integra's blood, and after wounding Richard, he allows her to kill her uncle, thus making her the head of the Hellsing Organization and a master worthy of Alucard's servitude. The events of Hellsing then unfold, with the "new" Alucard acting as a war dog for Integra.

After absorbing Schrödinger, who "carried the will of the self-observing Schrödinger's Cat", neither Alucard nor the catboy could recognize themselves. Whilst neither are technically dead, they do not exist in one place because they cannot recognize themselves, and have thus become "no more than a set of imaginary numbers." Alucard seems to recognize his defeat, says farewell to Integra, and seems to disappear into thin air, leaving only the bloody Hellsing-pentagram on the ground, possibly symbolizing him being sealed away once again and all that remains of Schrodinger is his tie and the other items of the people who died. After 30 years, Alucard manages to return by killing off the 3 millions plus souls that resided in him so he could recognize himself again. In doing so, it appears that he gcan finally control Schrödinger as a familiar, having access to his powers, as shown by the fact that he appeared out of nowhere in Integra's bedroom and was perfectly fine after not having drank any blood for all that time. Before this, a span of twenty years without blood reduced him to a corpse-like state. He mentions that he killed everyone except one and says "and now I am everywhere and nowhere"; implying he now has full access to Schördinger's abilities.

Powers & Abilities After fusing his soul with Schrödinger's, Alucard is the closest thing to an immortal there is (although he was already way "more immortal" than any other vampire shown in Hellsing), achieving a near-godly existence. He also possesses a healing factor that goes much beyond that of any other vampire shown on the series (although this could simply be a common trait to any vampire that is old and/or experienced enough), he can also pass through solid objects, change himself or parts of himself into bats, insects, snakes, hell hounds, human forms, an amorphous mass of darkness, and many other forms. He also states that his form means nothing and that he can take any form that he chooses. This gives him the remarkable ability of being able to turn both male and female characters into vampires by simply modifying his gender.

He is also very good at creating illusions, and his abilities and health are not in any way compromised by such things as sunlight or silver. In fact, it appears that the only weapons capable of harming him to any real extent are the most holy of christian artifacts, such as Father Alexander Anderson's bayonets after augmenting his abilities with Helena's Nail (a nail, which was from the True Cross, which crucified Jesus Christ, and was blessed in his blood).

Other than that, he possesses a black dog familiar known as Baskerville (that is the source of his releases 3, 2 and 1) and the standard abilities of a "true vampire".

Real name Adrian Farenheights Tepes, he is the damphir son of Dracula and a human woman named Lisa. As the son of Dracula, Alucard once tried to prevent Trevor from accomplishing his mission. However, he reached a point where he could no longer abide by his father's evilness, and is now looking for a partner to help him put an end to his father's wicked plans. A resident of underground tunnels, Alucard attacks with a Ball of Destruction, which he can also fire in three directions (if he captures a special power booster). Alucard's primary strength, though, is his ability to turn himself into a bat. However, he cannot attack while he is airborne and will turn back into a human form if his wings are clipped by an evil enemy. His weapon of choice is the sword and he uses a variety of them to serve his needs. He is an adept shape-shifter, commonly using the forms of wolf, bat, and mist to confuse and terrify his opponents. Alucard also relies heavily on ancient relics and magical items to perform elaborate magical attacks.
Powers & Abilities Although Alucard can fight physically very well, it is in the grounds of dark magic that he is truly dangerous. Like his father, Alucard can use many types of dark magic, and it can be said that his powers are equal to, at least, half his father's is, since the lord of darkness trained him personally. Alucard mastered most of Dracula's own attacks such as Hellfire, Dark Metamorphosis, Tetra Spirit, and Soul Steal.

Alucard can turn himself into a bat, a wolf, and even mist at will, and can move faster than a bullet in any of those forms, as well as in human's. He can also summon creatures via Relic Cards.

The head of the Siren Sect of vampires. She attends the meeting of the vampires as an ally of Xarus, and allows Dracula to be murdered with no objections. However, she later has three of her sect seduce and try to kill Xarus. They fail, and Alyssa seems to fall under Xarus's command. She saves the life of Janus by giving him one of the pendants, further calling her allegiances into question.
Powers & Abilities She has the same powers and weaknesses as the rest of her kind. Her special abilities are her clairvoyance (which allows her to hypnotize people and manipulate their minds) and her ability to shapeshift into several forms, such as bats, rats, a wolf, mist, human-sized or larger canine and bat-like forms.
Amarillo Lestoat
Harry Potter
Amarillo Lestoat
He was a flamboyant American vampire who wrote the book "A Vampire's Monologue", which was intended to bore readers out of their minds and render them easier prey for vampires. For this, he was honoured with a Chocolate Frog Card.

His name, description and appearance are comical references to Lestat de Lioncourt from The Vampire Chronicles.

Powers & Abilities He is presumed to have the same powers and weaknesses as the rest of his kind.
Born in the early 6th century, Amelia was most likely turned by the first vampire, Marcus Corvinus, to help control the chaos created by his brother William, the first Werewolf. Amelia supported locking William in a coffin-like prison in a remote place where Marcus could not find and release him due to William's uncontrollable rage and Marcus's inability to control or punish him. The capture of William could not have happened without Amelia's help, and she became one of the three vampire elders ruling the Vampire Coven, alongside Marcus and Viktor. She was somewhat allied with Viktor, who sought to undermine Marcus’s authority in light of Marcus' relationship with William.

During the events of Underworld, she is at the end of her century long reign, and is preparing to go into hibernation for the next two centuries as part of the Chain, which assures that only one Elder rules during each century. Having returned from New York by way of Vienna just one day before she is to awaken Marcus, lycans ambush her and her entourage on a train they are using to get to the ceremony at the mansion. Though guards from the mansion are supposed to assist her, she has been betrayed by the Coven regent, Kraven, who struck a deal with lycan leader Lucian to kill all three elders and gain control of the covens for himself. She is bled dry by Raze, a Lycan henchman, as part of Lucian's plot to turn himself into a lycan-vampire Hybrid.

Powers & Abilities She likely possesses the same skills and powers as other vampires, but to a much higher degree, including superhuman endurance and healing. She is experienced in the use of silver crossbows, and is also proficient with swordplay, and as with her fellow elders, Amelia is capable of sorting her blood memories into a coherent record of her reign.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
One of Lothos' minions, he apparently served him for a long time, as was present in 14th century Italy when his master killed a barmaid slayer. In 1992's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", he turns a number of people into vampires, including Pike's best friend, and is killed by Buffy at the end of the movie.
Powers & Abilities He possesses all the strengths and weaknesses of his kind.
Ultimate Comics: Avengers 3
Anthony (Marvel Comics)
The "greatest vampire hunter" and the trainer of both Matt Murdock and Eric Brooks, who would become later Daredevil and Blade respectively. When he was later bite by a vampire and turned into one of them he become the leader of a group of vampires, and used an Iron Man Mark I to survive sunlight. After he turned Nerd Hulk into a vampire and was killed by him (as he wanted to be the new leader of the group) his armor was then wore by Stick.
Powers & Abilities He possesses all the strengths and weaknesses of his kind plus the powers of the Mark I armor.
Anthony Stark
Paradise X Heralds
Other than the fact he is a vampirized version of Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man), not much is known about this character.
Powers & Abilities He possesses all the strengths and weaknesses of his kind and perhaps the abilities of Iron Man.
Dark Angel
A mixture between a demon and a vampire, it is an entity born of negativity, extremely violent and powerful on its own right.

Nothing much is known about it.

Powers & Abilities Other than regular demonic and vampiric abilities, he appears to have a very strong skin and the ability of shapeshifting.
Heroes of Might and Magic IV
Archilus (H4)
Archilus was once a very wealthy man, but he spent it all capturing a powerful vampire and forcing it to make him one of the undead. When he was through, he cast the vampire who sired him into the sunlight. Now, this cold and patient man has an eternity to reclaim his wealth.
Powers & Abilities Unlike vampires from earlier iterations of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, Heroes IV vampires do not appear to start with any specific skills. However, as a Necromancer, he knows basic Death Magic and Occultism, and is most likely to learn Death Magic and can also learn Order and Chaos Magic on the side. He is unable to learn either Life or Nature Magic without initial basic training in these skills provided through alternate means.
Born in Greece in the 1300s B.C., he was transformed into a vampire in his mid-twenties and joined forces with Marcus and, later, Caius, being one of the leaders of the Volturi, the dominant coven of vampires of the world. By 500 AD, the Volturi had usurped control over the vampires from the Romanian coven. Along with Marcus and Caius, Aro ruled the Volturi, acting as its spokesperson. The three of them set down the laws of the "vampire world" and punished those who did not follow them, as it posed the threat of discovery of their lifestyle by humans.
Powers & Abilities Other than regular vampire abilities, Aro possesses "tactile telepathy", an ability to read people's minds far more deeply than any other of his kind, being capable of reading every thought, feeling and memory of a person has ever had in the past by simply touching this person. By reading the mind of another mind reader, he can also access any mind he or she ever read.
Asato Ichijo
Vampire Knight
A very old vampire, he has the appearance of a man on his 30's or 40's. He was the head of the most distinguished clan of aristocrat (a.k.a. "Level B") vampires and one of the oldest on the Council. Asato made the Ichijo Group so large that all human business transactions involve his company nowadays. He wanted to become Kaname's guardian after the death of his parents, but Kaname did not accept, and has allowed Takuma to attend Cross Academy for the purpose of spying on Kaname. He expressed intense dislike for the pureblood (a;k;a; "Level A") vampires, due to his fear of their power over other vampires.
Powers & Abilities Like all aristocratic vampires, Asato has healing powers and ages slowly, but it is not known in detail what his specific aristocrat powers are, though he certainly possess an above average physical strength, being able to kill regular vampires and even a vampire hunter with little effort.
Being Human
One of the few surviving members of "The Dutch" (he was not present at their slaughter), an ancient order of orthodox elder vampires who make their home base in Pennsylvannia among the Amish people (most of them were slaughtered by James Bishop in his attempts to create a vampire master race. Atlee's age is unknown but like the other members of The Dutch he is probably at least a thousand years old. He attempted to avenge Heggeman's death at the hands of Nora's wolf in "The Ties That Blind" and proved to be a coward, leaving Aidan to fight off four werewolves by himself. Aidan later presented Connor McLean's werewolf corpse to Atlee and told him to take it back to the other members of The Dutch and not to return to Boston.
Powers & Abilities He likely possesses all the strengths and weaknesses of his kind.

The Legacy of Kain
Turel Defiance 1
A former member of the Vampire-hating, religious fanatic clan known as the Sarafan, Turel was brought back from the dead centuries after his demise by Kain to serve as his second-oldest son. Turel would form the Turelim clan, the strongest clan in Nosgoth's corrupted future timeline (as the Razielim had disappeared, presumed eradicated by Kain himself) and would run his clan from the Smokestack.
Powers & Abilities Originally, Turel was superhumanly strong and presumably had excellent hearing and some minor level of telekinetic powers. However, in the time since Raziel's fall, Turel evolved into a monstrous beast, now blind and irreparably mad, but with amazing hearing, powerful telekinetics and a long reach. He possessed immortality in both states, where death would have only left his soul in the spectral realm and able to return to his corpse at another time. Once monstrous, his body was highly resistant to damage. However, he had become extremely sensitive to sound and could be brought to a cowering, indefensive state through simple ringing of gongs.

As with all Fourth Generation Nosgothic vampires, he was able to create a telekinetic funnel through which to siphon blood from a victim at a distance.

List of Vampiresque Characters

Guivre Garnet
Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
A 200 years old woman of high french society during the 18th century, Lady Garnet has supernatural beauty and voice and is has a group of warriors named "Jewels."

The wife of a French nobleman of the sixteenth century, Garnet lost her husband due to an epidemic and had to flee their home because of the various battles that raged for possession of the mansion. During their escape, the young woman found Guivre, a magical jewel that gave its owner the power to control the spirits of gemstones and stay young by absorbing the vitality of people, she decided to use the power of the stone to keep the peace, as in the ideal of her late husband. Using the power of the jewel, Garnet was able to develop an angelic voice, that was loved by everyone. To accumulated the energy needed to maintain her powers, she created a group of pre-teen warriors known as the "Jewels."

A hundred and fifty years after founding the stone, Garnet made a trip to Russia, where she met the only person who could understand her feelings of loneliness and the feeling that deep down she felt in her heart, Aquarius Krest (the oldest of the goddess Athena's warriors, the saints). Being alive for more than 450 years at the time, Krest was impressed by her idea of ​​keeping the peace giving people the opportunity to never change, and decided to join her 50 years later, when she returned to what had been the land of her husband. Garnet gave Krest (now under the name of Koh-i-Noor) a new body, making him look younger and putting him on command of the Jewels. She then had Krest send a letter to his former disciple, Aquarius Dégel.

At her birthday party, Garnet noticed Dégel immediately, for he was the only guest to be able to resist the charm of her voice. Dégel then defeats the Jewels, then Garnet and Krest, who apologize to him, and are frozen together in an eternal ice coffin.

Vampire Traits Garnet possesses supernatural beauty and a magically charming voice. She is also able to suck vitality out of people, keeping herself young, and transform people into "Jewels", making them immortal.
Kaien Cross
Vampire Knight
The headmaster of Cross Academy (the main setting o the series) and current head of the Vampire Hunters Association, he is a very powerful vampire hunter (which is both a profession and a race of genetically superior humans). Even for a vampire hunter, the amount of vampire genes on his body is abnormally high, rendering him superior to most vampires.

It is hinted that he might have eaten his twin on his mother's womb (a general fact on powerful vampire hunters) and his strength speed and reflexes rendered him the title of "vampire without fangs" (or "fangless one"), as he was able to surpass the abilities of any human being by far.

Vampire Traits Kaien ages extremely slowly, and looks like he's in his mid 20's even though he is currently over 200 years old. He is a very strong vampire hunter, known as the best of them until his retirement. Kaien also emanates an aura that resembles that of a vampire, which causes other hunters to mistake him for an undead in several occasions. Kaien is considered a legend among vampire hunters.
Vincent Valentine
Final Fantasy VII
A bio-engineered human that worked to (and was later modified by) the Shinra Electric Power Company as one of the Turks, an intelligence agency an investigative bureau, engaging in reconnaissance and espionage, and even black ops, such as kidnapping and assassinations.

He was a regular human before being shot by Dr. Hojo, who then used Vincent's half-dead body as the subject for several experiments, strengthening the endurance of his body and making him biologically immortal. The experiments were, however, a failure since Vincent, though still living, remained in a death-like state. As a last resort to rehabilitate him, Dr. Lucrecia Crescent infused the Chaos (the "impurity" of lifestream, god of death and harbinger of the end of all life)-tainted Mako (a source of energy coming from the lifestream) into his broken-down body. The procedure worked, as Vincent's body, due to Hojo's previous experiments, was strong enough to become a vessel for Chaos. Chaos was uncontrollable and could only be stopped by infusing the Protomateria on Vincent's body.

Vampire Traits Vincent is immortal and his body didn't aged one bit since he was 27 years old (chronologically, he is 60), he also sleeps in a coffin for a long period of time every once in a few years (although it is unknown if he needs to do so). In his Limit Breaker form, he acquires a canine form, resembling a werewolf, but when he fully transforms into Chaos, only his canines seem to be abnormally longer, red bat-like wings also grow on his back, and his powers and abilities are much enhanced.
Metal Gear
A Romanian ex-member of the anti-terrorist unit Dead Cell, Vamp is a human being modified through the injection of nanomachines. Born in Romania, Vamp lost his family in a church bombing in which he was pierced by a crucifix and buried underneath the rubble for two days. In order to survive, Vamp fed on the blood of his family until his imminent rescue; this is how he acquired a taste for blood. According to Solid Snake, his name is not a reference to his vampire-like behavior, but to the fact that he was bisexual. Also, according to rumors, Vamp was the former lover of Marine Commandant Scott Dolph. He later shared a "very close" relationship with Dolph's daughter, fellow Dead Cell member Fortune.
Vampire Traits Vamp possessed many vampiric attributes, including a taste for blood, the ability to run across or stand on the surface of water or vertical walls, superhuman speed and agility, and the ability to shrug off what would typically be a mortal wound (e.g. being shot in the head). He was also an expert with knives and close-combat.


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