A Romanian ex-member of the anti-terrorist unit Dead Cell, Vamp is a human being modified through the injection of nanomachines.


Born in Romania, Vamp lost his family in a church bombing in which he was pierced by a crucifix and buried underneath the rubble for two days. In order to survive, Vamp fed on the blood of his family until his imminent rescue; this is how he acquired a taste for blood. According to Solid Snake, his name is not a reference to his vampire-like behavior, but to the fact that he was bisexual. Also, according to rumors, Vamp was the former lover of Marine Commandant Scott Dolph. He later shared a "very close" relationship with Dolph's daughter, fellow Dead Cell member Fortune.

Powers and abilities

Vamp possessed many vampiric attributes, including a taste for blood, the ability to run across or stand on the surface of water or vertical walls, superhuman speed and agility, and the ability to shrug off what would typically be a mortal wound (e.g. being shot in the head). He was also an expert with knives and close-combat.