Tunnel Stalker
Tunnel Stalker
Binomen N/A
Body type Humanoid
Average height Unknown
Average weight Unknown
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Language None
Place of origin Sydney's Abandoned Railway System
Habitat Underground
Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Bipedal
Lifespan Over 50 yers
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Created by Julian Harvey, Enzo Tedeschi
Performed by Goran D. Kleut

The Tunnel Stalker is an amphibious humanoid predator which inhabits Sydney's abandoned underground railway system. The creature is tall, gaunt, and pale, with stringy black hair and large eyes. It is primarily carnivorous and while not necessarily predisposed to only hunting humans they have become a staple of its diet and feeding habits. It appeared in the 2011 film The Tunnel.


Of what little is seen of the Stalker, it is shown to be quite lanky.

While the Stalker spends most of its time hunting on land, it makes its home around (or in, the specifics are unknown) an enormous lake formed in a collapsed railway tunnel. At the very least it has been shown to store killed food items in the lake, making it a feeding ground if nothing else. It is mammalian and cannot breathe underwater. It can likely hold its breath for an obscene amount of time, though.

The Stalker cannot or does not speak. The ability to do so is useless when hunting prey and is actually directly counterproductive to remaining silent, so even if it is capable of human speech it almost certainly does not speak any formal language. It is mostly heard breathing deeply, with large lungs adapted for remaining underwater for prolonged periods, and producing a strange, croaking sound. When Natasha was tossed into the lake for storage, the Stalker approached for the kill making a cacophony of excited, croaking gibberish.

Behavior/Hunting Strategy

Having been forced to hunt human prey likely since WWII, the Stalker has developed an advanced hunting strategy for separating and neutralizing prey as efficiently as possible. It uses the labyrinth of tunnels to its advantage; at one point in the movie it catches a security officer while he had momentarily stopped at a corner and was slightly distanced from the group. Using its incredible speed, it grabbed the man mid-run and carried him away to be prepared for storage. It also displays a degree of intelligence regarding the use of sound to cover up its attacks as evident when it snatches Tangles. It was likely attracted by the sound of the alarm bell being rung for the first time, then saw a perfect opportunity when Tangles left the room to get a better recording of the sound. It waited for the bell to be rung a second time, though, before attacking so as not to alert the rest of the group. Also, it is mentioned earlier in the movie that the tunnels contain a surprising amount of homeless and squatters. These vagrants are also prime food items for the Stalker, as it can sneak up on them in their sleep and take them without issue.

The Stalker also displays a high degree of intelligence regarding the storage of food for later. Obviously, prey is not common in the abandoned tunnel system and putrefaction would set into a dead body exceptionally fast in the moist, dark environment of the tunnels. To this extent, the Stalker has developed a rather unique preservation method. The water in its home-lake is very likely close to freezing, give or take a few degrees, and the Stalker is apparently aware that the cold inhibits decomposition. While Tangles' fate is never fully observed, the fate of the security guard is not only observed; it is recorded. He is found standing in shoulder-deep water with his eyes torn out. This habit performs two functions: it prevents the prey from being able to leave the lake and it prevents the prey from being able to see the Stalker as it approaches to make the kill. The officer is killed when the Stalker twists his head fully around with its bare hands, breaking his neck: a clean kill, with no open wounds for bacteria to colonize (besides the wounds to the eyes, and the tissue on/in the head is generally inedible). Then the Stalker pushes the dead prey down to the bottom of the lake to be preserved by the frigid waters. In these conditions it could take weeks, even months, for a body to become putrefied. Considering the almost explicit lack of struggle from the officer, it is also likely that the Stalker broke his arms as well. It is logical considering he didn't raise them even once out of the water to defend himself when the Stalker held him.


An apparently common habit of the Stalker is to collect the eyes of its prey. Why? As discussed above, it removes the eyes when hunting to inhibit prey's ability to escape, but collecting them in a pile back in its home has no survival value whatsoever. It is possible that the habit is a grim mockery of the human being's habit of collecting various items as well. Just like collecting stamps or rare coins, the collection of eyes is a practice that might be inherent in a creature that doesn't see light regularly. Eyes with white sclera tend to reflect light when it is cast upon them, so to the Stalker (whose eyes are significantly more sensitive to light and would see any small amount as being considerably brighter than what a human would detect), these strange glowing balls it pulls from its food are toys to play with. Perhaps it rolls them around the floor of its home, gleefully croaking to itself as they shimmer. As trophies, eyes would not make sense to take from a preservative standpoint. After separated from its orbital, a human eye will dry out in less than a day (probably even a few hours). Perhaps given the moist environment this process would take longer, but the human animal does not take eyes as trophies for a reason: they just don't last. So, if the Stalker is taking them for trophies, its collection will always be limited to the last two or four eyes its taken.

Also, while extremely unlikely, it is possible that the Stalker saves the eyes to eat for later. This makes no sense, however, as eyes have little to no nutritional value.


Very little is known about the Stalker's non-predatory habits, but what can be discerned is that it has humanoid tendencies. It hunts alone, with extreme precision, and with concern for future food supply. It is careful to avoid light, even when it knows the prey its hunting isn't armed (although having never encountered a modern weapon before it likely has no idea if the prey can or cannot cause it harm, hence the preemptive gouging of the eyes). Conclusively, this creature is intelligent, with numerous indications of a potentially human origin: it wears clothing, understands the concept of a hand-held camcorder (recording in infrared), and exhibits patterns of speech in the penultimate encounter with Natalie in the lake.