Others Child of hammer
Child of gravel (translations)
Original ツチノコ
Body type Serpentine
Average length 1-3 ft. long
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient (sometimes)
Place of origin Japan
Habitat Land
Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Slithering
Status DD
Behind the Scenes
Universe Real

The Tsuchinoko (literally translating to "hammerspawn") is a legendary snake-like cryptid from Japan.


The name tsuchinoko is prevalent in Western Japan; the creature is known as bachi hebi in Northeastern Japan.

Tsuchinoko are described as being between 30 and 80 centimeters in length, similar in appearance to a snake, but with a central girth that is much wider than its head or tail, and as having fangs and venom similar to that of a viper. Some accounts also describe the tsuchinoko as being able to jump up to a meter in distance followed immediately by a second jump while still in the air.

According to legend, some tsuchinoko have the ability to speak and a propensity for lying, as well as a taste for alcohol. Legend also records that it will sometimes swallow its own tail so that it can roll like a hoop, similar to the mythical Hoop snake.