Binomen N/A
Body type Humanoid
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Harmless
Place of origin Earth
Habitat Valley of the Living Rock, Norway
Diet Omnivore
Locomotion Bipedal, Rolling
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Frozen
Created by Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee
Performed by Ciaran Hinds (Pabbie)
Maia Wilson (Bulda)
Annie Lopez (Baby Troll)
Jack Whitehall (Gothi the Troll Priest)

The Trolls are a group of minor characters that appeared int the 2013 Disney animated film Frozen.


These ancient creatures might be found in the Valley of the Living Rock, but only if they want to be found. Trolls are masters of minerals and yielders of the night sky. They are also overbearing, loud, meddlesome, inappropriate, and heavy--really heavy. But they mean well and love well. They consist of the eldest male, Pabbie, Hulda, and many more.


  • It should be noted that the crystal necklaces each troll wears represent a gender or position in their culture; the males are seen wearing blue or green crystals, while the female are seen wearing red or pink crystals, similar to the colors commonly assigned to masculinity and femininity. Pabbie is the only troll who wears yellow crystals, possibly signifying his role as shaman/king.
  • Another differences between the males and females is that the females have flowers in their hair. 
  • Contrary to the portrayal of trolls in many Scandinavian cultures, that being they are big, cruel, stupid and rarely helpful, these trolls are small, kind, wise and very helpful to those who need it. 

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