Others Tianak
Body type Humanoid
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Philippines
Habitat Jungles
Diet Blood
Behind the Scenes
Universe Real

A Tiyanak (or Tianak) is a small vampire-like humanoid from Filipino mythology, most well known for imitating the appearance and cry of an infant human in order to attract people, who will readily pick up the apparently helpless baby on the jungle floor, only for it to reveal itself as a monstrous creature and attack its victim. They're also known to move around by levitating rather than walking.

The real form of the Tiyanak varies from tale to tale. Sometimes, its real appearance is still child-like, only with deadly fangs and claws. Other times it's portrayed more like a traditional Dwarf, looking like a diminutive old man. In at least one version of the legend, they may also take the form of a black bird.

In some stories, the Tiyanak appears to a woman who recently lost a child, and who will try to breastfeed it, only for it to keep sucking her milk and blood until she dies. In other stories, Tiyanaks may be portrayed as behaving similar to Medieval Fair Folk, leading travelers astray and abducting children. Like so many vampiric creatures, they may be repelled by garlic or by religious practices.


  • The Tiyanak's way of attracting victims is similar to the one employed by the Ahuizotl, mimicking the cry of a baby. However, the Tiyanak goes one step further in that it also assumes the physical appearance of a baby.