The King
King (Super Mario Bros, 1993)
Others "Mushroom King"
Personal information
Species Dinohattanite
Gender Male
Place of origin Dinosaur realm
Relations Princess Daisy (daughter)
Unnamed wife; deceased
Occupation Monarch
Current status Active
Body type Human
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Super Mario Bros.
Performed by Lance Henriksen
Fungus (Super Mario Bros, 1993)

Daisy, Luigi and Mario seeing the King in his fungus form.

I'm back! I love these plumbers!
— The King, Super Mario Bros.

The father of Princess Daisy was the King of the dinosaur realm - a pocket dimension created by the meteorite impact 65 million years ago, in which some dinosaurs have survived and evolved into a form externally indistinguishable from humans - until he was overthrown by the evil General Koopa, who made himself President and sentenced the King to the Devo Chamber to be devolved, transforming him into a massive, amorphous fungus growth. The King's wife managed to flee to the human world and left their daughter in safe hands to be raised in an orphanage.

In his fungus form, the King was no longer a threat to Koopa, but still retained sapience and eventually developed the ability to control the lesser fungi which grew everywhere in Dinohattan. He used this ability to aid the Mario brothers in their quest to protect the Princess and defeat Koopa. After this, he was eventually restored to his old form and united with his daughter.


  • Super Mario Bros. (1993)


  • The King's counterpart in the game series is a seldom-seen character referred to as the Mushroom King. In the games, however, he is the father of Princess Peach (a character with no clear counterpart in the film), rather than Princess Daisy.

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