The Arcanist
The Arcanist
Body type Draconic: Eastern Dragon
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Locomotion Flight
Related species The Earthshaker
The Flamecaller
The Gladekeeper
The Icewarden
The Lightweaver
The Plaguebringer
The Shadowbinder
The Stormcatcher
The Tidelord
The Windsinger
Status Alive
Behind the Scenes
Universe Flight Rising Universe

We are but a fragment of the enormity of the cosmos.
The Arcanist, Flight Rising Forums

The Arcanist is one of the eleven reigning gods of Flight Rising, and reigns over the Starfall Isles and the Arcane Flight.

Introduction Edit

The Arcanist is a long-bodied dragon described as possessing eight spindled limbs: two sets of wings, two sets of emaciated arms, and two legs. He has large ears and an intricate, flat head crest which fans from his alien head. His predominant colors are pink and purple. He is mentioned to be frailly built, with a wiry frame and a weak, curved neck. It is implied that he hovers rather than flies. His larger pair of wings acted as a cocoon when he was newly born, while his smaller vestigial wings remain mostly folded at his sides.

The arcane serpent is the youngest of the eleven gods, and is characterized by his curiosity and desire for knowledge. He was so determined to learn that he climbed to the top of the World Pillar for days without the use of flight or magic. He is also a bit overzealous, at one point feeling as if he could command the universe itself and believing that he was communicating with the heavens. He also becomes frightened multiple times throughout the Third Age.

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