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Binomen N/A
Average height 2-6 ft. long
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity DD
Habitat Europe
Diet Carnivore
Lifespan DD
Subspecies N/A
Status DD
Behind the Scenes
Universe Real

The Tatzelwurm is a mythological animal, a worm-like cryptid.


It is reported to live in several areas of Europe, including the Austrian, Bavarian, Italian and Swiss Alps. In some circles, it is classified as a variety of lesser dragon.

It is known by several names in different regions.

  • Stollenworm (Hole-dwelling worm)
  • Bergstutzen (Mountain Stump)
  • Springwurm (Jumping Worm)
  • Dazzelwurm
  • Praatzelwurm
  • Arassas (French Alps).

A Tazelwurm skeleton model.

Reports indicate that the creature has a snake-like body between 2 and 6 feet in length, with two clawed front legs, but no hind legs. It is sometimes reported to have the face of a cat. Local folklore holds that the Tatzelwurm is able to defend itself by expelling poisonous fumes that are capable of killing a human.

One claimed photograph of the Tatzelwurm exists. It was taken in 1934 by a Swiss photographer named Balkin who took a photo of what he thought was a very peculiar log. When the camera flashed, the "log" darted away.

The general description of the Tatzelwurm (apart from size) bears some resemblance to an amphisbaenian, the Mexican Mole Lizard. Some have also suggested it might be related to Heloderma.

Tatzelworm means clawed worm, a synonymous name for the cryptid is Stollenwurm, meaning "the hole-dwelling worm".

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