Binomen n/a
Average height 3.5-4 ft.
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Very Low
Habitat Outland
Diet Omnivore
Lifespan dd
Subspecies n/a
Status Near Threatened
Behind the Scenes

Sporelings are a mostly peaceful race of mushroom-like humanoids native to Zangarmarsh in Outland, where they have their own town called Sporeggar. While fearful of travelers (especially those significantly larger than them), they are quick to welcome anyone to help them.


Sporelings have many natural enemies in their native Zangarmarsh, such as the fierce spore walkers and the massive fungal giants. As the sporelings are very small, they are unable to cope fully with these enemies, and often enlist the help of passing adventurers. They also suffered from the recent aggressive activities of the naga, as they have found little to no use for these small and mostly harmless creatures for slaves. The naga have started to exterminate them, and drove them off from their territory.

Sporelings are totally unfamiliar with the concept of currency made from precious metals. Their currency takes the form of small, glowing mushrooms known as Glowcaps. Despite appearing so primitive they are very inventive in making use of the natural materials that they forage from their surroundings cooking up food and medicines from mushrooms and fishing, creating primitive but some unique and very useful tools in order to help themselves and others who are willing to befriend them.

Sporeling young are grown in balloon-like spore sacs that start out large and grow smaller as the air bubbles in the sac are compressed. These spore sacs are stored in large fields called spawning grounds. The young, once emerged, are often preyed upon by hungry fungal giants that have recently invaded their territory.

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