You were always a strange one. The sovani way is to not care about others.
Allan to Torgal, The Successor (quest), The Last Remnant
Others Sobani
Original ソバニ[1]
Romanization Sobani
Body type Humanoid
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Variable
Locomotion Bipedal
Lifespan Hundreds of years (at least)
Related species Werecat
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Last Remnant

The sovani are one of the four main races in The Last Remnant.

Sovani are famous for their prowess in battle and longevity and infamous for their pride. Most of them are exclusive of other races, not mingling in the affairs of mitra, yama and qsiti.

Culture Edit

It is said that sovani ruled over all of the other races during ancient times[2], although details of such account are very vague. How the sovani came to be a xenophobic people, prone to even cast their own out of their settlements for different behaviors, is also not know. Even the present day culture of sovani is limited by their few appearances within the game if compared to other races.

From the rare hints of culture, it can be assumed that the excessively long lifespans of the sovani cause them to overlook several decades as if they were but a glimpse of time.[3] The way of life of the sovani is mostly unknown, as few of them appear to live in the settlements that recognize the Academy as mediator.

The few sovani who do get involved with the rest of society often have notable positions, such as the surprisingly public[4] Caedmon, current leader of the Silver Falcons who is nevertheless despised by those in power[4] but very respected by his fellow Falcons; the mysterious Torgal, legendary general of Athlum, and former member and co-founder of the Steel Syndicate (along with Allan); and the flamboyant outcast Snievan, one of the Seven, mercenaries that guarded Conqueror's bases.

Biology Edit

Quad Wield1

Quad Wield, as used by Torgal.

Like other fantasy races, the sovani are animalistic beings with a humanoid form. Members of the race have feline traces, such as elongated ears, cat-like eyes, muzzle, fangs and a degree of fur which varies in color. Additionally, unlike any other of the main races in the game, sovani have four arms instead of two, which grants them several unique fighting styles, such as Quad Wield (four blades at once) and Dual Two-Handed (two two-handed weapons at once). They also live for hundreds of years, and that, combined with their extra arms makes them potentially the most skillful among all races, as an experienced sovani is not easily toppled.

Notes Edit


Snievan with his lower arms folded.

  • A common habit among sovani is to keep both of the lower arms folded while not fighting or otherwise using them.
  • Torgal is a sovani whose age surpasses that of all of his fellow generals together.
  • Despite appearing not to care about other races, sovani have had a hand in many multicultural groups, such as the Silver Falcons, the Steel Syndicate, the Conqueror's army (within the Seven) and Athlum's military forces (within the Four Generals).
  • Although the lifespan of the sovani is disputed, Wyngale claims to have been standing on the same spot for hundreds of years prior to The Fallen (quest).

References Edit

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