Others Narf, Phil, Sherbet, Sherbert, Yoyo
Personal information
Gender Male
Place of origin Monster Clubhouse
Behind the Scenes
Universe Muppet
Performed by Joey Mazzarino, Yves Brunier and Ryan Dillon

Sorbet (also known as Narf and Yoyo) is a tall orange monster that is one of the fun-loving monsters on several Sesame Street media such as 5, Rue Sésame and The Furchester Hotel. His debut was on "Monster Clubhouse" sketches with the name "Narf". The monster's design was updated in 2009 for the episode "The Rainbow Show" and had the magenta colored nose and suit in the Spaghetti Space Chase ride pre-show, In his second international appearance, he is one of the members of the "Tea Time Monsters" who leaves his room along with the other 4 monsters shouting "Tea Time" and going and get their tea on each episode of the show. That is done after Gonger hits the gong. His other known appearances in the series is in Grover's sketch "Where Did the Tall Monster Go?".

The name "Sorbet" is named after a frozen desert and was given by Warrick Brownlow-Pike on his status with other Tea Time Monsters between Lulu Lemon and Colonel Mustard.[1]




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