Binomen Snorkasaurus
Body type Sauropodomorph
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Varies
Diet Carnivorous
Locomotion Facultative biped (usually quadruped)
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Flintstones

The Snorkasaurus is a long-necked quadrupedal purple reptile, about the size of a large pig, and known to have coexisted with primitive men in prehistoric times. While they're generally viewed as game to be hunted, they may also be kept as pets, and display behavioral patterns commonly associated with domestic dogs - such as yapping, licking and enthusiastically leaping on the owner. They have three digits on their paws and are capable of walking upright, although they typically prefer to move on all four legs. Despite its sauropod-like appearance, this species appears to be carnivorous, as they've been observed chewing bones and chasing mice.


  • In his original appearance in "The Snorkasaurus Hunter", Dino was very intelligent and articulated. In later episodes he would no longer speak and started acting much more like a typical dog, although still displaying occasional signs of sapience (which is common in cartoon dogs anyway).

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