Indiana Jones Siafu
Others Driver Ant
Army Ant
Giant Ant
Giant Ant of the Amazon
Binomen Genus Dorylus (if actual Siafu)
Body type Ant-like
Average height Varied
Average length Varied
Average weight Varied
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Very high
Place of origin Earth
Habitat Brazil
Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Movement using six legs
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Indiana Jones

Siafus are huge ants that appeared in the film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.


They are typically six inches long, with their size and appearance varying as a result of the quantity of fungus they are fed as larvae. Their jaws are strong enough to break human skin, and a swarm was capable of carrying a full-grown human back to their nest. The giants primarily served to retaliate against attackers despite their tiny size compared to humans.


  • Siafus are actually native to parts of Africa and Asia, not Brazil, and are oversized in the film. Being an archaeologist and not an entomologist, it's possible that Indy simply identified them incorrectly.
  • Brazil does have a genre of ants close to the Siafu, from the Atta genus (known locally as "Saúva").