Binomen None
Body type Tentacled Shark
Average length 13 feet (Estimate)
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient (Due to genetic engineering)
Aggressivity Extreme
Language English (Non-Verbal)
Habitat Oceans
Diet Meat
Locomotion Swimming
Lifespan DD
Status CR
Behind the Scenes
Universe Syfy Channel

Sharktopus is a hybrid created by the U.S. military but they end up losing control of it.


It has the front end of a shark and the back end of an octopus. It also has differently shaped pectoral and dorsal fins and spikes on its gills. Its tentacles end in sharp points.


It can survive on land, "walk" and produce ink. As shown in Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf, it understands English.


  • Four unnamed people
  • Mark
  • Five unnamed people
  • Ryan "Pez" Kingsberry
  • Bob
  • Ed
  • One unnamed person
  • Captain Jack
  • Kevin
  • Maria
  • Santos
  • Five unnamed people
  • Dr. Nathan Sands
  • Four unnamed people
  • Bones (Offscreen)
  • Stacy Everheart
  • One unnamed person
  • Conan O'Brien
  • Three unnamed people
  • Mr. Munoz
  • Moises
  • Rico Symes (With Pteracuda)
  • One unnamed person
  • Jill
  • One unnamed person
  • Lisa
  • Two unnamed people
  • Captain Phil
  • Chief Francois Tiny
  • One unnamed person

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