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Binomen Homo sapiens / Musca domestica
Average height Gets slightly shorter in the final stages of transformation
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Goes from medium to extreme
Habitat Urban
Diet Omnivore
Lifespan Unknown
Subspecies None
Status Killed
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Fly

Brundlefly is a creature created as the result of a teleportation accident. Scientist Seth Brundle unwittingly enters a telepod along with a housefly, and the two organisms are fused together at a genetic level. His gradual transformation into a repulsive man/fly hybrid is accompanied by increasing mental instability.


When Brundle emerges from the telepod, he appears normal and had no reason to suspect that his DNA was now 50% fly. The initial signs of his genetic disorganization are increased physical strength, enhanced reflexes, and agitation, as well as an intense craving for sugar and the appearance of coarse, hairy bristles on his back. As time passes, Brundle's skin begins to decay. He also develops the ability to cling to walls and ceilings, and to regurgitate a corrosive digestive enzyme onto food before consuming it. Later, he begins to lose his hair, followed by his ears, fingernails, and teeth. Referring to himself as "Brundlefly", Brundle determines that the only way to regain his humanity is to merge with another human being in the telepod, as the resulting entity would be 75% human and only 25% fly. He abducts his lover, Veronica Quaife, forces her into a telepod, and climbs into a secondary unit. By this point, Brundlefly's metamorphosis is nearly complete: his remaining skin and flesh fall away, revealing a bipedal, insectoid figure. Despite its lack of wings and exoskeleton, the final stage of Brundlefly is more insect than man: an elongated head, large black eyes, slender limbs with extra joints, and a segmented body. Shortly before her ultimate fusion with Brundlefly, Quaife is rescued by magazine publisher (and ex-lover) Stathis Borans who severs the power cable of her telepod with a shotgun blast. Enraged, Brundlefly ruptures its own telepod at the crucial moment and begins to step out; as the fusion program commences, the creature is fused with the shattered device. It emerges from the third, "receiving" pod as a thoroughly corrupted being. The hapless creature reaches for the shotgun, pleading to be killed for mercy's sake.

Other incarnationsEdit

Brundlefly is only featured in the 1986 remake movie The Fly. In the original 1958 film and short story, the scientist – named André Delambre – emerges from the teletransport as two distinct beings: a man with a large insect head and left arm; and an actual fly with a diminutive human head and left arm. This story has been parodied many times, including in cartoons like The Simpsons ("Treehouse of Horror VIII") and Johnny Bravo ("I, Fly"). The 1986 remake spawned a sequel in 1989 and an opera adaptation in 2008.

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