Binomen Nepapede harpagabdominus
Average length 2-3 feet long
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Very High
Place of origin Skull Island
Habitat Swamps
Diet Larva: Carnivore
Imago: Herbivore (algae, water weeds)
Locomotion Movement using ten legs
Status Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Universe King Kong

Scorpio-pedes (Grappling Hook Abdomen Scorpion Foot) were a species of scorpion-like creatures that lived in the swamps of Skull Island.


Scorpio-pedes are the most common and numerous form of neopede ("new centipede", or more correctly, "new foot") found on Skull Island. Algae eaters, they can be found wherever there's sufficient water to support large growths of algae and water weeds. Scorpio-pedes start life as free-swimming predatory larvae, eventually molting into the amphibious multi-legged crawling form. As algae eaters, Scorpio-pedes don't have claws or teeth large enough to use as defensive weapons. Instead, they have large hollow spines on the tip of their tails, likely adapted from cerci. Capable of penetrating even thick dinosaur hides, these prongs are used to inject a fast-acting poison. While this poison will only render a large dinosaur mildly sick, it will quickly kill most birds, small reptiles, and arboreal mammals.

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