Sabertoothed Squirrel
Binomen Unknown (possibly related to Cronopio dentiacutus)
Average height Squirrel-sized
Sapience Non-Sapient, Sapient or Semi-Sapient
Aggressivity Low
Habitat Tundra, coniferous forests
Diet Acorns
Status EX
Behind the Scenes
Universe Ice Age
Created by Carlos Saldanha and Chris Wedge

The Sabertoothed Squirrel was a species of small mammals which inhabited the world in the Pleistocenic Ice Ages, about 20 thousand years ago. At least one individual is known to have survived into the present while frozen within a block of ice which eventually melted away in an unspecified tropical island. This species is known for its dim-wit, its never-ending devotion to acquiring acorns, and for the pair of elongated teeth which are the source of their name.


The males of this species are grey-coated and non-gliding while the females are brown-coated and possess a membrane which allows them to glide.


Once in the region that is now North America there was a an island known as Scratlantis where lived a prosperous community of sapient Sabertoothed Squirrels which had given up their primitive pursuit of acorns and embrassed the pursuit of art and phisolophy instead. Unfortunately that island has since sunk to the bottom of the ocean.


  • While explicitly declared to be a fictional species by its creator Chris Wedge, the sabertoothed squirrel resembles a species of South American Triassic mammal named Cronopio dentiacutus, discovered in 2002, the same year the first Ice Age movie came out.[1]
  • A nearly identical species (with normal rodent dentition rather than saber-teeth) was featured in The Simpsons as a homage to Scrat. These squirrels were also voiced by Chris Wedge.