Rock Creature
Binomen None -- they are not organic
Sapience Non-sapient
Place of origin Water Temple
Habitat Beaches
Diet N/A
Locomotion Shifting slowly (Taller variant)
Sessile (Larger variant)
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Kameo

The Rock Creatures are a "species" found lurking around the Water Temple. They are in actuality spirits from an unspecified source which have somehow come to possess rocks. They will either possess large, flat rocks that they have great difficulty in moving (barely being able to shake them on their foundation) or they will possess a cluster of spherical, spiked boulders and move about slowly with them stacked on top of one another, not unlike a Pokey.

The mobile Rock Creatures are able to be dispersed and "knocked unconscious" by way of a boom-top fruit blasting within their vicinity. Although they will actively avoid the patch the fruit grows from, they will not avoid the fruit itself even after it has been lit. Once separated, they have been seen to have some form of affinity towards the Elemental Warrior, Rubble, and will collect around him and allow him to move them elsewhere, such as to form a bridge.

It ought to be noted that the large, flatter rocks that appear possessed by the spirits almost always have small beetles underneath them, which may indicate that they are simply mistaken for the same creatures possessing the other type, or that neither type is actually possessed at all and are simply havens for these insects.

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