Rob Roberts
Others Unknown
Personal information
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Place of origin Unknown
Occupation Fast food employee
Current status Deceased
Cause of death Shot by Fox Mulder
Body type Humanoid
Diet Carnivorous
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The X-Files
Performed by Chad Donella

Rob Roberts lived and worked as a usual fast food employee, but was actually a humanoid creature that needed to consume living neural tissue to survive. His natural appearance was bald, with hearing orifices instead of ears, full-black eyes, sharp teeth and a quick retractable proboscis used to penetrate the victim's cranium and suck out their brains.

Despite his monstrous appearance, Roberts was a rational being who struggled to fight his constant hunger for human meat and particularly for human brains. He attempted to fit in society, but was occasionally unable to restrain his primal instincts, leading him to murder a client who showed up just when Roberts was closing down the restaurant. He later killed and fed on the brain of three more people before being killed by Agent Mulder, who shot Roberts as he charged at the agent.


  • In The X-Files, completely black eyes is a feature usually associated with infection by the alien symbiont known as the Purity, which normally lives within the Colonists' and the Shapeshifters' bodies but is able to associate with other species (including humans and possibly the parasitic ice worm). Roberts' black eyes thus could be taken as a sign that he is an alien; however this remains just weakly-supported speculation. In the episode, no clear back story is given to the character, although Mulder refers to him as a "mutant" at one point.