Real Bombchu
Real Bombchu
Sapience Non-Sapient (Presumed)
Aggressivity Very High
Habitat Fields
Diet Omnivore (Presumed)
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Legend of Zelda

Real Bombchus are highly volatile and potentially insane rodents, resembling large rats which have bombs or bomb-like organs attached to the tips of their tails. Though they are only known to inhabit the world of Termina, it is very likely they also inhabit Hyrule somewhere, due to the existence of mechanical Bombchus in both worlds. Interestingly, Real Bombchus are known for their kamikaze attack, killing themselves to injure or kill any potential threat. If this is to be considered a natural instinct, it is likely in line with the attacks of bees, meant to deter threats but which kill them, as well. Through unknown means, a Real Bombchu is capable of remarkable feats such as running across walls and ceilings or even water.

Real Bombchus are light enough that the use of a hookshot will simply pull the Bombchu back to the user, which is a deadly occurrence, indeed. The best way to take care of a Bombchu is from a distance through the use of bows, though if one lacks these it can be instead deflected with a shield as it bounds towards its target. For some reason, horses seem immune to the explosions. Sword swipes will instantly detonate the Bombchu. Wearing of a Stone Mask will also allow the user to simply bypass any and all Real Bombchus.

Related SpeciesEdit

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