"Plankton Monster"
Binomen Unknown
Body type Amorphous
Average height Variable
Average length Variable
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Open seas
Habitat Likely seawater, but is able to live on land
Diet Carnivorous
Locomotion Crawling
Status Destroyed
Behind the Scenes
Universe Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Created by Harlan Ellison
Irwin Allen

The "Plankton Monster" is a giant amorphous mutation formed from an amalgam of microscopic planktonic organisms. Its appearance is that of a large bulging mass covered in tendrils which devours everything in its path, consuming entire human bodies and leaving no bones or other leftovers.

The monster was the accidental result of experiments performed with plankton samples by Dr. Pennell in a scientific research facility in Antarctica, with the goal of creating a plankton-based food source to end world famine. The organism is strong enough to tear through a metallic wall, and grows at incredible rates when exposed to heat, but is susceptible to cold, which causes it to revert to its original stage.

Behind the scenesEdit

This creature was featured, unnamed, in the fifth episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 's first season, "The Price of Doom".

It is stated in the episode that the elimination of anaerobic bacteria was the factor that resulted in the formation of the Plankton Monster, as these bacteria are usually responsible for keeping plankton organisms in check and the heat destroys the inhibitor produced by them, causing plankton to grow uncontrollably. This has little to no parallel in real world science: although anaerobic bacteria have been found associated with planktonic organisms, and might even play important ecological roles as photosynthesizers and nitrogen fixators [1], there's no evidence of them being directly related to the inhibition of planktonic growth.




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