Binomen Piranhadon titanus
Average height 20-50 feet long
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Habitat Swamps & rivers of Skull Island
Diet Carnivore
Status EX
Behind the Scenes
Universe King Kong
Designed by Gus Hunter
Performed by Walrus grunt

Piranhadons (Titantic Piranha Tooth) are giant river-dwelling hunters that lives in the swamps of Skull Island.

Overview Edit

An enormous fish, as big (or bigger) than some whales. It can take down its prey from the riverbanks when they come down to drink. Thus, they tend to remain in the open waterways, where they have sufficient room to move and the water is clean enough to breathe.

Male Piranhadon are much smaller than the females (which is quite common amongst fish species) and must compete to prove their worth as mates. Young are born live in groups of around a dozen. Already five feet long at birth, a juvenile Piranhadon is already a dangerous aquatic predator, and will devour water birds, fish, amphibians, small dinosaurs, and just about anything else it can catch. 

An ambush predator, Piranhadon tends to lie in wait near the river banks, using its sensitive barbels to detect the approach of potential prey, as its eyes are poor and can only see differences between light and dark. A surge of its enormous body, and it will lunge out of the water, taking its prey in its jaws, either killing it with a massive bite or dragging it down below the surface to drown.

Piranhadon also use their lunging ability to occasionally beach themselves on a shaded river bank. Once ashore, birds, lizards, and other scavengers will flock to the huge fish, picking it clean of innumerable parasites. They will remain there until heat, dryness, and the threat of suffocation forces them back in the water.

Notes Edit

  • The Piranhadon that appeared in the extended cut of the 2005 version was created as a homage to the brontosaurus attack from the 1933 film, since the brontosaur was noted as a herbivore by today's scientists.
  • The design of the creature was based on references from mosasaurs, deep sea anglers, plesiosaurs, piranhas, and seals.


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