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Welcome to Non-alien Creatures Wiki, or NAC (acronym), an online database of beings from cryptozoology, works of fiction, video games, folklore, and even pop-culture. As long as it isn't an alien, it's here. Non-alien is a term created by us (see NAC: Editing).

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In fantasy, legend, literature and popular culture in general, a cambion is the offspring of a demon and a human.

They are classically seen as the offspring of the - often involuntarily - copulation of a demon and a human being. It usually refers to an incubus mating with a human woman, although, according to legend, a succubus and a man may also generate the same sort of being.

Cambions are sometimes referred to as sexual vampires due to the way they entice their victims into sexual activity for... Read More

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A cyclops, as seen in the game Dragon's Dogma. The monster is fought many times in-game as a mini-boss and, later on, as a regular enemy.

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