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Binomen n/a
Average height 10 feet
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Habitat Abyss
Diet Carnivore (does not actually need food)
Lifespan Indefinite
Subspecies n/a
Status Least concern
Behind the Scenes

Nashrou are predatory demons native to an alternate plane of existence known as the Abyss.


Nashrou are swift, tenacious predators that have been known to pursue prey for days or weeks, and even across planes. Often attacking in packs, they will launch themselves at the center of a group, disrupting formations and dealing as much damage as possible with their claws. Smaller and weaker members of the pack are sent ahead to scout for prey, while larger members (called "stalkers") pursue and harry chosen prey, exhausting it. Once prey has been worked into a frenzy of fear, "slayers" (the highest rank) move in and kill the prey. Lone nashrou are more cautious, usually stalking solitary prey from the shadows. They exist only for the pleasure of violently killing anything they come across. They do not derive nutrition from their food, but do take joy in devouring their prey.

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