Pages that should be added, sorted by universe/franchise.



Legendary Creatures


Godzilla Universe

Godzilla: The Series Universe

The Godzilla Power Hour Universe

Other Universes

Video Games

Fallout Universe

Monster Hunter Universe

BioShock Universe

Darksiders Universe

Prototype Universe

Super Mario Bros. Universe

Cheep Cheeps

Film & Television

9 Universe

Aladdin Universe

Attack on Titan Universe

Avatar: The Last Airbender Universe

The Chronicles of Narnia Universe

Despicable Me Universe

Fraggle Rock Universe

Fringe Universe

The Future is Wild Universe

Game of Thrones Universe

Harry Potter Universe

Hellboy Universe

Jurassic Park Universe

Monsterverse Universe

The Lord of the Rings Universe

Monster Allergy Universe

Pinky and the Brain Universe

Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

A Sound of Thunder Universe

Tremors Universe

The X-Files Universe

Zoboomafoo Universe


After Man Universe

Alice Universe

Bas-Lag Universe

Cthulhu Mythos

Dr. Dolittle Universe

H. G. Wells' Universes

Harry Potter Universe

Pellucidar Universe

Snouters Universe

Role-Playing, Card Games, etc.

Dungeons & Dragons

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