Nāga (feminine: Nāgī or Nāgiṇī) is a term used to refer to numerous kinds of serpentine creatures, nature spirits or deities appearing in the mythology of India and several other Asian countries. They are also featured in religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

They are usually depicted as either shapeshifters or having features of both humans and snakes, but their appearance varies enormously. Some may be huge and resemble oriental dragons, giant snakes or sea serpents; while others may appear like multi-headed snakes; and others are ophidio-centaurian, i.e., like mermaids with a snake tail rather than fish tail. They are commonly associated with water bodies and thus semi-aquatic. They may be good, evil or neutral depending on the individual and specific legend traditions; as they may bring rain, life and prosperity; but also cause floods.

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