Black Sheep
Others Killer Sheep
Body type Sheep
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Earth
Habitat New Zealand
Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Movement using four legs
Status Extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe Black Sheep

The Sheep are the main antagonists of the 2006 New Zealand horror comedy film Black Sheep.


They were normal sheep who got infected by a virus that made them carnivorous man-eaters. These sheep are extremely dangerous infected animals that could kill a human if they spotted one. Any human bitten by a killer sheep will slowly turn into a Weresheep. Any sheep bitten by a killer sheep will almost immediately turn into a killer sheep.


Angus Oldfield is experimenting on genetic mutation and he ends up making a virus which turns sheep rabid. He created several foetuses of unborn carnivorous sheep which he then disposed of in a trash pit. Two activists named Grant and Experience come into Angus' farm to release the "patient zero" of Angus' experiments. Grant steals the foetus but gets chased by the scientists at the laboratory. He is separated from Experience and trips in the woods, smashing the phial containing the lamb, and the lamb crawls out, and gets on Grant, biting off his ear and gnawing into his face. Grant is infected with the same virus; but, rather than make him rabid, it slowly turns him into a half-human, half-sheep monster. Later, the infected Grant meets Angus, and bites his hand, causing Angus to also get infected. Now Angus begins transforming, and becomes infected with his own experiment. However, this does mean Angus is ignored by the carnivorous sheep because they see him as one of them. The sheep all attack Angus' presentation, and devour some businessmen, and infect others with the virus. Now the businessmen start transforming into Weresheep. The sheep attack the cottage in the night where Angus and his brother Henry and Experience are fighting them off. The sheep try to eat Henry but they bite him and infect him. Experience fights them off and the sheep then chase them into a field. Henry meets his brother Angus in his sheep form. Angus fights Henry and they both duel in the field. But the sheep dog brings Angus into control. Angus is then injured by the plane he was going to escape on. However a farmhand, Tucker, drives up and cures both Angus and Henry using a cure the scientists had. Angus is now human but he wants to become infected once more and approaches the sheep to ask them to bite him, but they are now mad with human flesh this time and eat him to death. Now Henry corners the sheep in a circle and throws a bomb at them, which ignites when a sheep farts.