Monster Blood
Monster Blood I
Binomen N/A
Average height ~20oz naturally (presumed)
Grows exponentially when exposed to air until expiration
Sapience Non-sapient (Able to obey its master like a dog)
Aggressivity Significant though pathetic
Habitat Within a plastic can
Diet Unknown (potentially carnivorous)
Lifespan Dependent on expiration date
Subspecies None (A similar being does exist, however)
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes

Monster Blood is a strange substance sold in both the United States and Europe as a polymer toy similar in design to both Mars Mud and silly putty. While visiting his 80-year-old great aunt Kathryn, Evan Ross meets a girl named Andrea "Andy" and out of sheer boredom he joins his new friend in a trip to an old toy store, where he buys a can of Monster Blood. Unfortunately, the two are soon cursed with this can thanks to a spell cast by a witch named Sarabeth, who had disguised herself as Kathryn's mean-spirited cat.

The cans, upon being opened and encountering fresh air, begin to grow and expand at an exponential rate, where it will presumably suffocate the entire planet if given enough time. In addition, anyone or anything that consumes even the most miniscule amount of the substance will grow as well - the more Monster Blood consumed the faster the individual will grow. Luckily, when the can's expiration date hits the monster blood and all those affected by it return to normal.

The original Monster Blood canister was able to act on Sarabeth's command, converting into a bouncing sphere and consuming two local bullies, Ricky and Tony, before accidentally consuming Sarabeth herself and reverting to its normal state. While Ricky and Tony survive and escape, Sarabeth is apparently slain. Despite Sarabeth's demise, Monster Blood seems to continue to work in its magical state, leading to two further incidents.

Known Affected Individuals

Behind the scenes