Others Sharkstingpus
Original Mocktopus
Personal information
Species Mocktopus
Gender Male
Place of origin Born from MamaPus
Affiliation S.I.C.K. (past)
Relations MamaPus (mother)
Current status Active
Body type Chimeric
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe SheZow
Created by Unclear
Performed by Lyall Brooks

Part shark, part octopus and part stingray, Mocktopus is a giant sea monster with a tendency to mock what people say. With his high-pitched voice and self-defeating ways, Mocktopus is more dangerous to himself than he is to others. He is a member of S.I.C.K. and has a very sarcastic attitude, but eventually reforms and sides with the heroes in Season 3.

He is a parody of the creature seen in the 2010 movie Sharktopus.

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