Binomen Malamagnus vadum
Body type Quadruped
Average length 15-20 ft
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity High
Place of origin Skull Island
Habitat Swamps and Rivers
Diet Plants
Locomotion Swimming
Status EX
Behind the Scenes
Universe King Kong

Malamagnus (Big Mouth of Shallow Water) are large hippopotamus-like reptiles that live in the swamps of Skull Island.


Malamagnus gather in large herds of roughly a dozen animals and browse the river shallows for reeds, water lilies, and other plants. If alerted to the presence of a land-based predator, they will quickly move into deep water, their size sufficient to protect them from all but the largest water-born predators (such as a fully grown Piranhadon). Smaller predators will be driven off through a combination of display and Malamagnus large tusks. A Malamagnus has noticeably large jaws for their size, backed by powerful neck muscles. In attacked, Malamagnus will bite, using its large tusks wreck terrible damage on a foe. In the breeding season, Malamagnus became especially aggressive and intolerant, staking out and jealously guarding territories. Large, rubbery eggs were laid in small clutches amid vegetation near the river's edge. The young hatched well developed and were quick to join the herd, growing substantially in their first year. Malamagnus's had enormous jaws for reptiles their size. While herbivorous, their impressive tusk-like teeth were employed in contests of dominance. Rivals locked jaws like battling stags and tried to force one another aside. Powerful neck muscles were the key to the contest, and young males would hone their strength in mock battles.

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