Binomen Ligocristus innocens
Body type Dinosaur
Average height 12 feet at hip
Average length 26-34 ft
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity Low
Place of origin Skull Island
Habitat Lowlands
Diet Herbivore
Locomotion Movement using four / two legs
Status Extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe King Kong

The Ligocristus (Innocent Hoe Crest) are hadrosaurs native to the lowlands and jungles of Skull Island.


Ligocristus is the most common and numerous of the large-bodied herbivores to be found on Skull Island. Normally found in herds of several dozen, they graze on bark, grasses, leaves, roots, and water weeds. Thus, they are found in most of the ecological zones of Skull Island, from the wetlands to the jungles, and, in fact, are the only herbivores willing to take to the water to escape predators. The Ligocristus is a vocal animal and communicates with other herd members via a variety of calls. Some calls are used to keep the herd together when moving though dense jungle, others assure the herd all is well, some are used to call attention to a new food source, while others are used in domination disputes. Vocalizations, as well as changes in crest color, are used during the breeding season to attract females to the males. Sparring over females is common, and many males, tired and battered from fighting over the females, are taken by predators. Ligocristus has no natural weapons, other than safety in numbers. They are fairly quick, and will break into a run if surprised by a predator. They will also take to the water if possible, as few predators will follow them. They have been preyed by V-rexes, Venatosaurs, Foetodons, Piranhadons, Carvers, and Terror Birds.


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