Lake Blob
A victim being consumed by the Lake Blob
Others Blob
Binomen Unknown
Body type Amorphous
Sentience Unknown
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Earth
Habitat Lake Cascade, Idaho
Diet Opportunistic carnivore
Locomotion Pseudopods
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Creepshow
Created by Stephen King
Designed by Stephen King

The "Lake Blob" is an unidentified predator which dwells in Lake Cascade, Idaho, USA. Its appearance is that of an amorphous blob of flesh, usually black in color, but able to emit strange hypnotic colorful shades when one stares long enough into it. Once it clings to a victim it will cover it, dissolving its flesh and bones until the whole body is entirely consumed (in a manner similar to the Blob). Although it is likely non-sapient, it has shown signs of intelligent behavior, finding ways to approach its victims when they cannot see it and hiding under the raft to ambush them.

This creature is known to be an opportunistic carnivore, and has been recorded predating upon both gulls and humans. It is unknown if it can dive beneath the surface of the water or if it remains on its surface due to dispersion of weight to prevent it sinking through the surface tension.

This monster is featured in Stephen King's short story "The Raft", which has been adapted as one of the segments from the movie Creepshow 2. In the movie, it also possesses the ability to transform into a huge wave than can engulf a person even when they've already left the water.

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