Keera is a hybrid Pterosaur - revived and artificially hyper-evolved using incredibly advanced human technology. In her hyper-evolved state, she is referred to as a Z-Dactyl - the 'Z' meaning Zenith.

Her appearance best matches that of Ornithocheirus, but with a head crest similiar to Pteradon and a tail like Rhamphorhynchus. As a Z.beast, she has enhanced senses, enhanced strength, enhanced durability and is able to heal quickly from injuries thanks to having nanites in her bloodstream.

Like Zed, Keera is capable of flight, has pockets inside her mouth and has the chameleonic camouflage ability. Unlike Zed or Loner, however, Keera is unable to talk without the aid of human technology. Her more unique abilities are been able to swim underwater for extended periods (with her beak been airtight) and having saliva that is able to put other creatures to sleep temporarily if they are inside her mouth.

Keera is initially part of the 'final plan' that the terrorist organisation Geneflow Solutions intends to implement, but breaks free and helps Zed and the human protaganists with aiding in their downfall.


(To be added)


The Hunting Trilogy: Z.Apocalypse - Book

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