Kagouti Online
Binomen n/a
Average height n/a
Sapience Non-sapient
Habitat Vvardenfell, Morrowind
Diet Carnivore
Lifespan n/a
Subspecies n/a
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes

"Magnificent beasts, aren't they. Truly gorgeous creatures!" — Edras Oril

The Kagouti are large, bipedal, reptilian creatures seen throughout Morrowind and Vvardenfell in particular. They seem to be closely related to the similar-looking Alit, as is suggested by dialogue with Briring and Gudling the Rascal.


  • West Gash Region
  • In some caves (leveled creatures)
  • Ascadian Isles
  • Grazelands
  • Molag Amur
  • Bitter Coast


Kagouti Morrowind

A Kagouti.

Blighted KagoutiEdit

Found in the Molag Mar region, the Grazelands and in some caves, the Blighted Kagouti carries the Chanthrax Blight disease. It is also naturally found at higher levels than regular Kagouti.

Diseased KagoutiEdit

Like the Blighted Kagouti, the Diseased Kagouti can be found in the Molag Mar region, the Grazelands and in some caves. It also carries Yellow Tick disease. Again like the Blighted Kagoutis, these are found at naturally higher levels over the Kagouti.

Mating KagoutiEdit

Rare in Vvardenfell, these Kagouti are only found within the Ascadian Isles region (Grid Location: 2, -4). They are naturally stronger than traditional Kagouti and relevant to the quest, The Scholars and the Mating Kagouti. They have a significantly higher Soul Gem capture level in comparison to others of their kind, and have an increased combat skill level and a much higher stealth skill level (80 compared with the regular 20).


  • The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (First appearance)
  • The Elder Scrolls Online

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