Others Irys, Ryuseicho
Original イリス
Romanization Irisu
Average height 99 meters
Average length 2,000 meters (Counting tentacles)
Average weight 199 tons
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Semi-Sapient
Aggressivity Low-Extreme (Becomes more aggressive as it ages)
Language Telepathic
Place of origin Nara Prefecture
Diet Mana
Locomotion Bipedal Walking, Flight
Lifespan Indefinite
Related species Gyaos
Status EX
Behind the Scenes
Universe Gamera Universe
Created by Shusuke Kaneko
Performed by Akira Ohashi

Iris is an ancient demon monster and the main antagonist of the film Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris.


As an infant, Iris looks like a bizarre snail, with a circular shell, a long neck with a small head, no mouth and two large black eyes, and several tentacles.

As an adult, Iris stands bipedally on two large legs. It has a pointed head with a single glowing eye, covered by a sharp shell-like projection. Iris has several bioluminescent patches on its chest, two arms with sharp spikes at the ends of them, and four long tentacles each over 2,000 meters in length.


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Iris can absorb the Mana (life force) of other organisms by draining it through its tentacles. Doing this increases Iris' size and power. Iris can fire sonic cutter beams (identical to the beam used by Gyaos) from the tips of its tentacles, and after draining Gamera's energy can fire copies of his plasma fireballs from its tentacles instead. Iris can use the spikes on its arms to stab enemies and drain their blood, absorbing their powers in the process. Iris can also extend membranes in between its tentacles and use them like wings, allowing it to fly.

Iris' most important ability is to form a symbiotic relationship with a human host, much like Gamera's bond with Asagi Kusanagi. By bonding with its host, Ayana Hirasaka, Iris gains strength from her hatred.