Body type Humanoid
Average height Roughly human-height
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Very high
Language English
Place of origin Tamriel
Habitat Skyrim
Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Bipedal
Subspecies Evolved from Humans
Status Data Deficient (created by choice from regular Humans)
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Elder Scrolls

Hagravens are aggressive former human-turned-malicious creatures with bird-like features found across Skyrim, Tamriel, Nirn. Possibly due to their magical corruption, coming into physical contact with one can cause brain rot, a disease that lowers the victim's magicka.


Hagravens are hideous avian-like humanoids with scraggly gray hair, pale skin, hooked noses and solid black eyes. Their limbs are long and bony, and their hands and feet each have four digits ending in sharp talons, having somehow lost a digit in the process of their transformation. They dress in tattered black garments and have black raven feathers bound to their shins and forearms. All Hagravens are female; it is unknown what would happen if a male human would sacrifice their humanity in the same fashion.

Background historyEdit

Legend has it they were once witches but gave up their humanity to become hagravens. They despise nature, and hunt down spriggans to capture and sacrifice. The Forsworn revere them heavily, and in the book The Madmen of the Reach, it is noted that the hagravens were in the Reach since "the beginning."


For sacrificing their humanity, Hagravens gain enhanced magical powers that trump most other witches and warlocks. In addition to 10% resistance to spells, Hagravens can cast powerful spells such as Fireball and Ice Spike. They prefer to keep their distance, lobbing spells at any would-be attackers. In close quarters they will attack with their filthy claws, potentially infecting enemies with Brain Rot. They can also cast healing spells on themselves when damaged or fleeing.

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