Super Gyaos
Others Gaos, Shadow of Evil
Original ギャオス
Romanization Gyaosu
Body type Chiropteran
Average height 10-88 meters
Average weight 20-78 tons
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Semi-Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Atlantis
Habitat Any area depleted of Mana
Diet Carnivorous
Locomotion Flight, Bipedal Walking
Lifespan Indefinite
Subspecies Space Gyaos, Super Gyaos,
Hyper Gyaos
Related species Iris
Status DD
Behind the Scenes
Universe Gamera Universe
Created by Masao Yagi
Performed by Yuumi Kaneyama

Gyaos are giant man-eating vampire bat monsters, and the primary antagonists of the Gamera series of films.


Gyaos resemble gigantic vampire bats that completely lack fur, and instead possess scaly skin. Gyaos have long tails tipped with a spike, arrow-shaped heads with pointed snouts, and mouths filled with sharp teeth. They often stand bipedally and upright.


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Gyaos feed on blood, and can easily obtain it by biting their prey or simply swallowing them whole. Gyaos possess remarkable regenerative capabilities, and are able to completely regenerate missing appendages in a matter of hours. Gyaos are able to fly at supersonic speeds, and create deadly sonic booms simply by flying. The Gyaos can also emit a supersonic screech that takes the form of a solid yellow beam, capable of slicing cleanly through virtually any material.


Like actual bats, Gyaos are nocturnal and have a strong aversion to sunlight. If a Gyaos is outside during the day, it will be blinded, its skin will dry out and it will begin to burn. By extension, Gyaos are extremely weak to fire and heat. Gamera was able to exploit this weakness by using his fire and plasma breath, as well as actually dragging a Gyaos into the crater of an active volcano. Gyaos also tend to remain dormant until the amount of Mana in an area is depleted. If Mana levels are stable, Gyaos will be forced to remain dormant.