Others Goro
Gorosaurio (Spanish)
Binomen N/A
Original ゴロザウルス
Romanization Gorozaurusu
Body type Allosaurid
Average height 35 meters (King Kong Escapes)
50 meters (Destroy All Monsters/Most Media)
Average length 65 meters (King Kong Escapes)
100 meters (Destroy All Monsters/Most Media)
Average weight 8,000 tons (King Kong Escapes)
20,000 tons (Destroy All Monsters/ Most Media)
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity High
Language None
Place of origin Earth
Habitat Mondo Island / Monster Island
Diet Carnivorous
Locomotion Movement using two legs
Status Alive (Most Media)

Dead (Ike! Godman Only)

Behind the Scenes
Universe Toho
Created by Nobuyuki Yasumaru, Ryosaku Takayama
Designed by Nobuyuki Yasumaru
Performed by Hiroshi Sekita

Gorosaurus is a fictional dinosaur kaiju created by Toho Studios that first appeared in the 1967 film, King Kong Escapes.

Appearance Edit

Gorosaurus is a gray bipedal reptile, and has skin with pronounced scaly bumps. He has a row of triangular plates running down his back, as well as strong legs, fairly short arms, and a big head. 


Aside from the usual teeth and claws, Gorosaurus has been noted for using a "kangaroo kick" against foes like King Kong and King Ghidorah. This is Gorosaurus' most popular trait. Also, in the 1968 film Destroy all Monsters, Gorosaurus is shown with the ability to burrow underground. This is the only incident where this ability is shown. Gorosaurus' battle against King Ghidorah showed his strategies. While fighting, Rodan made a large dust cloud, which Gorosaurus used to sneak behind King Ghidorah, his blind spot. Gorosaurus kicks King Ghidorah down to the ground, where the other kaiju pin him down and finally kill him. Gorosaurus is also known for being just as strong or even stronger than Godzilla when it comes to muscle strength.

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