Binomen N/A
Body type Humanoid
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Low
Habitat Gorgs' garden
Diet Herbivorous
Locomotion Bipedal
Status DD
Behind the Scenes
Universe Fraggle Rock

Size comparision chart between Gorg, Silly Creature, Fraggle and Doozer.
Source: [1]

Gorgs are giant furry humanoids who live in the Gorgs' Garden.


Gorgs are robust plantigrade bipeds, covered in fur and with no tail. Skin and fur color varies, including purple, pink and brown. They farm radishes and use them to produce a cream which they claim is the only thing that prevents them from becoming invisible.

History and societyEdit

Their origins are mystery, as no Gorgs have ever been observed other than an isolated family which, despite being no more than simple farmers, consider themselves the Rulers of the Universe and love to tell glorified stories about the great Gorgs of past. The Gorg lifespan encompasses centuries, if not millennia, as shown when the Gorg couple commemorates their 513th wedding anniversary.

If Gorg history is to be trusted, the first Gorg King obtained the title of Ruler of the Universe from a short creature hidden in a hooded cloak known as Sir Hubris; and the position has been passed from generation to generation of Gorgs ever since.


Despite technically living outside Fraggle Rock, the Gorgs are of vital importance to modern Fraggles' and Doozers' society, since they farm the radishes, which are the main food source of the Fraggles and building material of the Doozers.

The exact nature of the Gorgs' Garden remains unclear. The fact that the Gorgs' well is located directly above (and gets water from) the Fraggles' pond, which in turn is filled by water from Doc's house plumbing; would suggest that the Gorgs' residence should be very close to Doc's. However, in the vast area that has been seen surrounding the garden, absolute no signs of human presence are visible. This is one of the many signs that the Gorgs inhabit an alternate reality/dimension/timeline and that Fraggle Rock is far more than a simple underground system; it's actually a realm that magically connects different worlds together.

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