Giant toads have appeared in several media sources. It should be noted that there is no biological segregation between frogs and toads—"frog" is simply the term used for more smooth-skinned species and "toad" is generally used for drier, lumpier-skinned specimens. Amongst them are:

  • Battletoads could be considered to be giant, humanoid toads.
  • The Cane Toad, a real life species sometimes referred to as the Giant Toad.
  • Chub Toad from Magic: The Gathering
  • Giant Toads from Dungeons & Dragons
    • Giant Frogs, also from Dungeons & Dragons, appear to be toads instead of general frogs
  • The Giant Toad from Pan's Labyrinth
  • Oriental Frog from Alice: Madness Returns
  • Wart, a character originally in Doki Doki Panic and later a villain in Super Mario Bros. 2 USA

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