Original 巨人[1]
Romanization Kyojin
Body type Humanoid
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Language Anor Londo dialect
Diet Omnivore (presumed)
Locomotion Bipedal
Lifespan Hundreds of years (at least)
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Dark Souls

Giants are a race featured in Dark Souls, generally connected to Lordran.

Origins and biology Edit

Much like humans and the demigod people of Anor Londo, giants descend from the first beings to "came from the dark" below the surface of the world in the Age of Ancients and found the Lord and Dark Souls. With the disparity created by fire, life & death, heat & cold and light & dark, concepts that did not exist until then, these beings challenged the everlasting dragons, ending the period of eternal, unchanging monotony by waging a worldwide war.

The outcome of that war was the Age of Fire, in which giants were integrated to the society formed by the lords, but how exactly they came to be remains a mystery. They have great strength, stature and, despite appearing to have more difficulty with the language of Anor Londo than deities and humans, an intellect to match, just as capable as that of other races.

Culture Edit

The giants are enormous humanoid beings that were integrated in various levels of the ancient society of Lordran. Some wear simple clothing and perform simple tasks that make the best of their great physical strength, like those encountered in Sen's Fortress many centuries after its isolation, while others serve as the Sentinels, guards of the city of Anor Londo. Such guards wear extremely heavy armors and halberds made from "ancient brass" (which offers protection to both physical and non-physical attacks, and seems to have "traces of lightning") and shields of "marcasite" (or "white iron"), which are too heavy for humans, affecting stamina recovery.

At least one of them, Hawkeye Gough, was a very important figure as one of the Four Knights of Gwyn, as well as the leader of the Greatarchers (or Dragonslayers), a division within the Silver Knights that specialized in killing dragons with the aid of greatbows. Another, the unnamed Giant Blacksmith, is the only being found in Lordran capable of forging with both crystal (albeit not fully understanding it when the player gives him the needed amber) and the lightning element, that is especially damaging to both dragons and humans, able to pierce the latter's bodies easily.

Gough's prowess with a magical form of wood carving, arrow crafting and ridiculous skill with the bow (to the point he could knock dragons down from the sky despite not being able to see), shows that they are capable of much more than mere brutish tasks, which seemed to be a common bias among the inhabitants of Anor Londo, despite Gwyn's recognition.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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