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Frankenstein's Monster
Others Adam
Personal information
Species Artificial Human
Gender Male
Place of origin University of Ingolstadt, Germany
Current status Unknown
Body type Humanoid
Height Circa 2.4 meters
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Frankenstein
Created by Mary Shelley
Performed by Various

Frankenstein's Monster is a tall humanoid created by Victor Frankenstein in the early 19th century. He was constructed from human body parts and brought to life by some occult technique involving alchemy and electric currents.


After being abandoned by his creator, the monster roamed through the German forests and eventually found shelter in a small cottage where he hid himself from the family who lived there and learned to talk by observing them. When he finally created courage to reveal himself, the family ran away in fear, leaving the monster frustrated. Whenever he went, he was invariably rejected and treated with fear and violence due to his frightful appearance. Concluding that he would never be accepted by mankind, he went to his creator and tried to force him to build a female companion for him. Frankenstein concedes, but later changes his mind and destroys the unfinished creature, as he can't bear the thought of being responsible for the creation of a whole new species of such monsters. Furious that he'll never be allowed happiness, the creature vows to get revenge and kills Frankenstein's own fiancee. After that, Frankenstein pursues his creation to the Arctic Ocean to a final confrontation. Sometime later, Frankenstein is found, almost frozen to death. He's rescued by Arctic explorer Captain Walton, but dies shortly afterwards. Walton relates an encounter with the monster, who expresses guilt and remorse for the deaths he caused, including that of Frankenstein. He vows to bring an end to his own life and is last seen disappearing into the Arctic ice.



  • While the monster never received an official name, he's often known unofficially as Adam due to a line of dialogue in which he refers to himself as "the Adam of [Frankenstein's] labors".
  • As with King Kong, the Toho version of Frankenstein's Monster (referred to simply as "Frankenstein") is several times larger than the original, in order to be an adequate foe to fight Baragon. This 20-meters tall humanoid regenerated from the heart of the original Frankenstein's Monster and is portrayed as an immortal being whose severed parts might regenerate into new individuals.
  • Actor Javier Bardem is currently set to play Frankenstein's Monster in the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe.
  • Frankenstein's Monster was the main inspiration for the character Patrick Shelley in the Grimm episode The Son Also Rises.

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