Binomen Foetodon ferrus
Body type Crocodilian
Average height 5 feet
Average length 15 to 20 feet
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Earth
Habitat Jungles of Skull Island
Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Movement using four legs
Status Extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe King Kong
Designed by Christian Pearce
Performed by Alligator hisses, Leopard snarls

Foetodons (Cruel Stinking Tooth) are giant crocodile like creatures that lived in the jungles of Skull Island.


The Foetodon is a formidable hunter, with a mouth in which dangerous bacteria dwell. As a scavenger, it can't move very quickly, so when it hunts, it ambushes its favorite prey, which are sick or injured herbivores. The Foetodon bites into the prey, and the bacteria enter into the wound, killing the unfortunate herbivore in a few seconds because of the infection. However, they normally eat carrion, and dead animals. They have what it looks like a crocodile armor, which protects them from predators, though the protection they have is no match for the Vastatosaurus Rex, only being for the V. Rex another prey. They appear to have poor eyesight but a good sense of smell.


  • It was originally gonna be named Wetasaurus which was named after the design company Weta Workshop and visual effects company Weta Digital.
  • The design of the creature was originally gonna be a theropod, but was changed to a crocodilian creature since the design team already made two separate theropods in the film.
  • The designers use komodo dragons, marine iguanas, and crocodiles as references to the creature and giving it visible blisters on its mouth, making it disgusting looking.
  • One of the sounds of the creature were recycle vocals from the wargs and orcs from Lord of the Rings films, also directed by Peter Jackson.